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National Geographic's corporate-corrupted war on REALITY: how a once-upstanding mag now betrays humanity to push toxic poisons of advertisers

National Geographic

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(NaturalNews) The cover of this month's National Geographic magazine is causing some major controversy among the cognitively aware, as this once-upstanding and generally unbiased nature periodical has quite obviously fallen headlong into the clutches of corporate-controlled propaganda and lies.

Outlining what it says are some of the basic tenets of "The War on Science," National Geographic likens having concerns about the safety of vaccines, fluoride, and genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) to believing that the moon landings were faked, or that the earth was made flat by Jenny McCarthy, or something (because science!).

Each of the following beliefs is presented on the National Geographic cover as being some kind of hare-brained conspiracy theory that threatens the continued advancement of modern civilization:

Climate change does not exist.

Evolution never happened.

The moon landing was fake.

Vaccinations can lead to autism.

Genetically modified food is evil.

You can see the ridiculous National Geographic cover for yourself here:

In a corresponding article, one of National Geographic's writers openly patronizes "conspiracy theorists" who dare question things like injecting mercury into children (vaccines) and lacing the water supply with pesticide byproducts (fluoride) -- things that the author suggests are completely normal practices that have been "thoroughly established" as sound science.

And this is hardly surprising, since National Geographic is heavily sponsored by pharmaceutical and vaccine interests, as well as a number of government agencies that promote many of the most common fairy tales about "global warming," vaccine "effectiveness," and drug "safety."

It's not 'anti-science' to question the safety and effectiveness of GMOs, vaccines, and other unproven technologies

Concerns about the safety of vaccines and fluoride must be gaining a wider audience these days, otherwise a major establishment publication like National Geographic wouldn't feel the need to even address the issue. But what is a magazine that claims to support science doing actively opposing science, all in the name of science?

Robert Scott Bell addressed this topic during a recent episode of his show that aired on February 25, challenging the assumption that holding one or more of these beliefs somehow defies science. Co-host Ty Bollinger also crushed the notion that raising valid questions about things like vaccines and GMOs constitutes "denialism," demonstrating instead how the establishment is the one in denial.

"They say that 'denialism' is about tactics rather than politics or partisanship," stated Bollinger during the segment.

"[But] just a few weeks ago when we had this measles vaccine thing going on -- that was nothing but tactics! Pitting parent against parent? Going after doctors who aren't even anti-vaccine, [but who] just say, 'hey, I think we should look at it' -- no, no, no, you're an 'anti-vaxxer.' Nothing but tactics going on here ... Denialism is just not believing in somebody else's version of the truth."

The full segment addressing the National Geographic's "War on Science" is available here:

National Geographic denies science by accusing others of denying science

So let's take a closer look at some of the claims made by National Geographic about what constitutes "sound science:"

1) "[F]luoride is a natural mineral that, in the weak concentrations used in public drinking water systems, hardens tooth enamel and prevents tooth decay -- a cheap and safe way to improve dental health for everyone, rich or poor, conscientious brusher or not. That's the scientific and medical consensus."

Besides the fact that consensus means absolutely nothing when it comes to what's actually true and factual, National Geographic's categorization of synthetic fluoride as a "mineral" is extremely misleading. At best, this writer simply doesn't know what he's talking about -- and at worst, he's intentionally misleading his readers.

The type of fluoride added to most municipal water supplies isn't naturally-occurring calcium fluoride, but rather sodium fluorosilicate, fluorosilicic acid, and in some cases sodium fluoride, all of which are waste byproducts of the phosphate fertilizer industry. These hazardous substances, which often contain toxic metals like aluminum, serve no therapeutic purpose.

More on this is available here:

2) "[I]t's safe to eat food containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs) because ... there's no evidence that it isn't and no reason to believe that altering genes precisely in a lab is more dangerous than altering them wholesale through traditional breeding."

It borders on insanity that the media elite brazenly make statements like this when there exist mounds of scientific evidence to suggest that GMOs aren't safe. The highly-cited GMO Myths and Truths report put out by Earth Open Source, for instance, outlines roughly 1,700 scientific studies that show evidence of risk associated with GMOs.

Furthermore, the few long-term GMO animal studies that exist (the biotechnology industry conducts only short-term GMO animal studies in order to conceal the facts about GMOs) show that GMOs and their corresponding pesticides cause endocrine disruption, negatively alter the gut, trigger autoimmune responses, and induce other forms of chronic illness.

The 330-page Earth Open Source report on GMOs goes much deeper into all this:

3) "Vaccines really do save lives ... The people who believe vaccines cause autism ... are undermining 'herd immunity' to such diseases as whooping cough and measles."

Yes, even National Geographic has converted to the Church of Vaccines, which apparently has as part of its doctrinal core a requirement that pro-vaxxers make as many references to Jenny McCarthy and her "ex-Playmate" status as possible in order to avoid having to substantiate the absurd claim that "vaccines save lives."

So-called "herd immunity" has long been discredited as a made-up myth, as demonstrated by the fact that infectious disease outbreaks often occur in fully immunized populations. Vaccines have also been shown to provide, at best, artificial, temporary immunity that wanes over time, and that causes permanent damage to the natural immunity-generating thymus gland.

"The immature thymus gland is similar to the immature ovary," says Dr. Robert Rowen, a former vaccine advocate whose extensive research into the subject has revealed that vaccines trigger a roughly 70 percent loss in natural immune function.

"[W]hen given vaccines, like those our rulers mandate to our children, the thymus glands of ... young rodents got depleted of these precious irreplaceable cells, up to a 70 percent loss ... Imagine losing 70 percent of the muscle of your heart. Yes, you would be a cardiac cripple."

To learn more about the dangers of vaccines, be sure to sign up for the FREE Vaccine World Summit:













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