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Former active US Marine demands GMO ban after curing debilitating health problems by switching to organic

GMO ban

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(NaturalNews) The chickens are coming home to roost for Big Ag, as an aging baby-boomer population continues to connect the dots between the advent of biotechnology and the many chronic diseases for which people of this particular generation, and even younger generations, now suffer en masse.

A recent letter sent by former active Marine Jon Abrahamson to Monsanto CEO Hugh Grant tells the likely all-too-common story of disease progression without apparent cause. Abrahamson recalls how he suddenly began to develop nerve problems and numbness in his hands and legs, a degenerative process that left him almost completely incapacitated.

At the time, Abrahamson wasn't aware of how his diet might be to blame for his poor health, including sudden weight gain despite no major changes in what he was eating and drinking. After investigating the situation further, Abrahamson came to the realization that genetically modified organisms (GMOs) were a common thread in his disease progression.

Abrahamson describes in his letter how his condition continued to worsen until he decided to go completely organic. The pulmonary edema in his legs; the severe cramps and numbness in his arms, neck, chest and back; the chronic urge to urinate throughout the night; the erectile dysfunction -- this and many other debilitating symptoms literally disappeared after Abrahamson removed GMOs from his diet.

"Almost immediately [after adopting a fully organic diet] my muscle cramps stopped everywhere except occasionally in my hands," wrote Abrahamson.

When warfarin drug caused Abrahamson's condition to significantly worsen, he took matters into his own hands

Naturally, the conventional medical system, which was unable to figure out what was wrong with Abrahamson, claimed that he was just fine. When he eventually developed deep vein thrombosis, his doctors prescribed him warfarin, a deadly anticoagulant drug that caused him to bleed on his arms, legs, back and chest.

Fed up with his ever-degenerating health, Abrahamson took matters into his own hands, conducted extensive research, and determined that GMOs were the cause of his ailments. Through trial and error, his self-diagnosis turned out to be correct.

"Although I still have tingling in my feet that comes and once in a while goes, it has stopped in my arms, hands, and legs," he wrote. "I'm getting my sense of balance back since I don't have to sit down in the shower to wash my feet, or sit down to put on my shorts or pants."

Independent science shows that GMOs are a detriment to human health

Like millions of other Americans, Abrahamson just didn't know any better. Though he says he always had concerns about his ex-wife and children downing bowls of GMO-laden Frosted Flakes cereal and guzzling Kool-Aid and soda pop all the time, he didn't fully understand how these poisons were destroying his and his loved ones' lives.

He credits independent research by scientists like Dr. Gilles-Eric Seralini, Dr. Don Huber and others for awakening him to the truth about genetic engineering and the dangers posed by consuming untested, chemical-ridden, patented food-like products that continue to creep into the food supply unannounced and unlabeled.

"I... know how the Bio-Chemical companies control the media, POTUS [the president], SCOTUS [the Supreme Court], Congress, and all the alphabet agencies not only in the United States and state level, but worldwide," he wrote.

"I've read too many to count peer reviewed and published papers by Drs. Seralini, Huber, Kruger, Samsel, Seneff, Mason, Shiva, Ho, Carmen, Antoniou, and others."

Abrahamson's letter to Monsanto serves as a template for advancing the food revolution, swiping at the head of the snake with clear, concise facts about the destruction caused by GMOs. Every individual needs to read Abrahamson's story and consider how their own lives and livelihoods are being affected by the continued use of GMOs in the food supply.

You can read Abrahamson's full letter below, and we urge our readers to write their own personalized letters to Monsanto using this one as an example:

Mr. Grant,

First a little about me. I was born and raised in Minneapolis, MN. My dad was a farm boy, D-Day vet, welder/jet mechanic. My dad died in 1977 from asbestos. My mom was a small town gal, and lifer at Ma Bell. She died in 2004 from a perforated bowel. I was instilled with honesty, integrity, hard work, exercise, and a healthy diet. I've been healthy despite not being vaccinated since boot camp. Nothing worse than the common cold. As a kid, I loved anything and everything outdoors, was active in scouting and besides sports, my favorite subjects in school were science and history. I've had dogs and tropical fish all my life. I had aspirations of being a biologist. As an adult, I was a U.S. Marine Launch & Recovery Tech, solar tech, and 30 year carpenter. As a step-parent I was active in both Boy and Girl Scouts, and a 4-H instructor. Married in 94, divorced in 02. I've been out of work since the derivative bubble burst in Sept. 08.

Towards the end of 09, I started to notice problems with my fingers while typing (job apps online). First my left hand, then my right, followed by numbness in both hands and arms, and tingling in both hands. Shortly after that I noticed a major loss of dexterity in my fingers and hands. My fingers were constantly locking up, making writing and turning the pages of a book, or anything with my hands hard and totally frustrating.

From late 2009 -- 2012 my Body Mass Index went from about 21 to over 30. I got fat! This I found hard to believe since after my house payment I had less than $400.00 a month for bills and food.

In the winter of 2010 -- 2011, I had pulmonary edema in my legs. I could take my thumb and put a 3/4 to 1 inch dimple in my legs. Well over an hour later I could still see the impression.

I started to experience severe cramps in my feet and legs all of the time, and occasionally in my arms, neck, chest and back. It also felt like my feet, and then legs up to my hips were constantly vibrating or tingling.

With the temperature of my bedroom at about 50 degrees, and being cold while I slept, my pillow would be soaking wet from night sweats.

Despite the fact of my doctor saying there's nothing wrong with my prostate, I was getting up 6 or 7 times at night with a severe urge to use the bathroom. I'd have a weak flow, and excrete a small amount. Once a night, and a hard steady flow was normal to me. Without getting graphic, I started to experience E.D. Although at night the trip to the bathroom was about 40 feet round trip, I was extremely winded.

I also had bad problems with my equilibrium. This was particularly concerning to me. As a carpenter I've found myself working at heights as high as 500 feet. I would also use things no wider than a balance beam to do high work with tools and my half of 140 lbs. material. OSHA wouldn't approve. They wouldn't approve of me standing on the very top (6 inches x 12 inches) of a ladder either. I'll stop there. A good sense of balance was a matter of life or death.

I've also been experiencing what "they" call a brain fog. Not only did I notice this, but my friends as well. They always use to comment on my memory being as sharp as razor wire. This wasn't long term since I'd remember a few days later what I was trying to think of.

In 2013 I felt weak, tired, and lethargic. I quit smoking that summer. I could only spend 5 or 10 minutes weeding my garden. Take about 4 or 5 breaks mowing my small yard, or shoveling my 66 feet of side walk in front of my house. I felt on the verge of a heart attack numerous times.

In Feb. 2014 I had a deep Vein Thrombosis, followed by a Pulmonary Embolism. I could breathe just enough to stay conscious. Any deeper of a breath felt like someone was trying to carve out my right lung. I was put on Warfarin, but after 6 months of bleeding on my arms, legs, back, and chest, I quit out of concern about what it was doing to me inside my body, even though I hadn't had black stools or blood in my urine.

After 2 years of trying, I finally got SSDI. I could finally afford to eat an organic diet. Almost immediately my muscle cramps stopped everywhere except occasionally in my hands.

Although I still have tingling in my feet that comes and once in a while goes, it has stopped in my arms, hands, and legs.

I'm getting my sense of balance back since I don't have to sit down in the shower to wash my feet, or sit down to put on my shorts or pants.

The edema in my legs is now a memory.

Night sweats are gone.

Even though my blood pressure has always been
[borderline], it's been sky high the last few years, but has come back down lately.

I'm feeling better mentally.

Although I'll never be able to run 10+ miles again, I feel my endurance is coming back. Although I've
[lost] a major part of using my left arm (Marines) I can snow blow my driveway and walks in one shot. I can barely use a shovel now.

Now as a step parent. My step son would eat Kellogg's Sugar Frosted Flakes three meals a day. He also drank pop, regular or diet, and Kool-Aid all the time. My ex-wife allowed this against my strong objections. My wife called him "A Hurried Child". I called him an out of control, runaway rocket. In 1998 the school psychiatrist (that's a new one on me) gave him a diagnosis of ADHD and put him on Adderall. This put him into a drug induced zombie state. Despite the so called "Zero Tolerance" laws at school, they would send him home for not being on drugs. Who gave them such authority?? My ex-wife also showed signs of ADHD as well.

After 4 or so years of studying GMOs, I've concluded that not only a large part of my health problems were GMO related, but my family's as well. Not only us, but too many to count friends and family members as well.

I've kept it clean up to here Mr. Grant, but the jar head in me wants you to know
[WE'RE] NOT GOD DAMN LAB RATS!! I've been going as a delegate to the county conventions since 2010. I'm the GMO labeling guy. I'm no idiot Mr. Grant! I know who reporters Steve Wilson & Jane Akre are, and [their] investigative reporting on rGBH. How Monsanto manipulated the story into worthless drivel. I also know how the Bio-Chemical companies control the media, POTUS, SCOTUS, Congress, and all the alphabet agencies not only in the United States and state level, but worldwide.

I've read too many to count peer reviewed and published papers by Drs. Seralini, Huber, Kruger, Samsel, Seneff, Mason, Shiva, Ho, Carmen, Antoniou, and others. I also know what your new man at Elsevier did to Dr. Seralini's 2 year study of NK-603 maize. I know all about your FDA rubber stamped studies and why
[they] are only 3 months long. I've yet to see any Independent, long term, peer reviewed papers proving GMOs are safe, despite the fact there are close to 2000 peer reviewed and published papers saying they're not.

In fact what started out as a series of news articles I helped research for Dr. Swanson in the Seattle Examiner for information to voters on I-522 in WA is now peer reviewed and published in the Journal of Organic Science. GENETICALLY ENGINEERED CROPS, GLYPHOSATE AND THE DETERIORATION OF HEALTH IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
[PDF] Nancy L. Swanson, Andre Leu, Jon Abrahamson, and Bradley Wallet.

Since your GMA guy is running the Just Label It campaign, I'm done with that. I'm working on an immediate GMO ban until an independent, long term study can prove their safety not only to humans and animals, but the environment as well. Bees, frogs, butterflies, etc.

I also researched Ethoxyquin in the late 80's and 90's. Monsanto seems to have a track record of poisoning everything eaten by man and beast.

Thank you,

Jon B. Abrahamson





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