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The worst science lies in history: Cigarettes are good for you, the earth is flat, GMO is healthy and vaccines prevent disease

Vaccination lies

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(NaturalNews) Not too long ago, advertisements encouraged people to smoke and raise their children on sugar-laden drinks using pretty women, cute babies and doctors as catalysts that would hopefully reinforce such disturbing messages.

For example, there used to be print ads showing a doctor smoking a cigarette, the headline declaring, "More doctors spoke CAMELS than any other cigarette!" As if that's not alarming enough, some magazine ads even showed babies alongside a smiling mother, the words, "For a better start in life, start COLA earlier!" accompanying the imagery.

While such headlines don't exist in ads today, the overall message still prevails in society.

Vaccines are good for you, or so we're told

Shockingly, this notion is prevalent when it comes to the lie that vaccines prevent disease. Most people are aware that there are those who continue to tout their benefits, believing that vaccines are the answer to the world's health woes.

However, many people don't even have a choice in the matter. The state of Oregon, for example, made headlines when a bill was passed mandating that parents had to meet with a doctor for educational purposes in the event they opted not to have their child vaccinated. Previously, all a parent had to do was simply sign a form if they wanted to opt out. Now, they must listen to why their child should have the likes of mercury and formaldehyde injected in their body.

Thankfully, there have been people dedicated to showing otherwise, such as inside industry whistleblowers who have come forward about the health hazards of vaccines. This includes scientists at Merck who actually admitted that their company tampered with test results, saying that the MMR vaccine had a 95 percent efficacy rate when in actuality, it was much lower.

Still, the lies continue.

Many prescription-scribbling doctors and Big Pharma advocates also think that all food is the same; it can't ever serve as medicine. The world of Western medicine want your business, health zealots run amok while trying to herd everyone together with a mentality that attempts to use a one-size-fits-all approach for everyone.

Agent Orange with your dinner? No, GM foods are not healthy

And we all know that no herd is safe if they're not consuming food that contains Agent Orange pesticide ingredients -- after all, eating foods sprayed with such chemicals is good, right? Yes, the earth is flat, vaccines are wonderful and GM foods are fine because it's a terrific idea to put all kinds of chemicals and the genes of organisms that dissolve insects insides in the seeds of vegetation that feeds the conventional shoppers of America.

Is your immune system confused as to where to find those high-level toxins that seep into your blood? There is no such thing as "fight or flight," only compliance and a salute to that flag. Don't ever question authority anddo not rely on food to save you. Only pesticide, nicotine and vaccines can be the answer to the upcoming food shortages, droughts, epidemics and of course, things like the flu.

So go on and smoke those cigarettes. After all, ammonia and lead are found in the environment anyway, so they must be safe to inhale and put directly in our bloodstream. Go ahead and get that flu shot, because injecting embalming fluid into muscle tissue is the best way to build immunity.

Sorting through lies and learning through real science

Yes, the earth is flat, and all of those contagious and infectious diseases ended for mankind when people invented a way to inject them into our flesh and muscle tissue, thus bypassing normal immune reactions and defense systems like mucous membranes, saliva, lungs, skin, digestion and normal hormonal responses.

It seems that most scientists and many other professionals have this limited mindset, built on a foundation of lies. Be sure nobody tries to sail too close to the edge, because you'll sail right off! While you're out there, the Loch Ness monster could consume your ship and you might never be heard from again.

Remember: cigarettes are good for you, the earth is flat, and vaccines prevent disease -- it's just common knowledge for common folk. Smoke that freebased nicotine, eat chemicals and don't ever question why there's MSG and thimerosal (mercury) in certain vaccines. Do what every doctor tells you to do, and for heaven's sake, spread the word for the herd!

Obviously, you know better.

Read even more from this library of resources, where REAL science -- not the lies we've been told through the decades -- can be found.

Scientific proof GM foods cause cancer:



Scientific proof vaccine efficacy data has been faked:



Scientific proof cigarettes are engineered as efficient nicotine delivery devices that cause cancer:


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