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Government employs con artist strategies to trick public into vaccinating, study suggests


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(NaturalNews) The U.S. government is having a tough time dredging up enough convincingly sound science to persuade the public into believing that vaccines are safe and effective medicine, so it's now resorting to ignoble manipulation tactics to trick people into get jabbed. A new study published in the journal Health Promotion International found that swindling the masses into trusting the government is an effective way to maintain high vaccination rates without having to actually present the public with legitimate scientific evidence in support of vaccines (which doesn't exist).

Similar to what a con artist on the street might do to gain your confidence and sell you fake designer sunglasses, the government, in lockstep with the vaccine industry, is busy researching how it can better portray itself as your benevolent grandmother offering you chicken soup while you're sick, rather than a malevolent, money-grubbing, fascist monster that's trying to inject your children with live viruses, mercury, formaldehyde, petroleum derivatives and chemical preservatives.

This is proving to be a difficult feat, as the public grows increasingly wary of all the empty claims that vaccines are safe "because science!" Thirsty for actual evidence that vaccines work and don't cause harm, the public simply isn't buying the standard narrative anymore, and part of this is because people are waking up to the fact that their government doesn't have their best interests in mind, viewing them more as human cattle to be experimented on for corporate gain rather than the government's collective boss (which is what American citizens actually are).

For the study, researchers investigated why the public overwhelmingly rejected the H1N1 vaccine for swine flu back in 2009, despite aggressive propaganda campaigns about a "global pandemic" that could possibly kill millions. The vaccine for this obscenely overblown disease was rushed to market without proper safety testing, and early reports indicated that some children were developing narcolepsy from it, which was more than enough evidence to suggest that the vaccine should be avoided.

Government blatantly lied about H1N1 and lost public trust, hammering another nail in the coffin of the vaccine agenda

When the government insisted that the vaccine was safe, even though it had never undergone any human clinical trials -- and later proved to cause all kinds of harm to children -- the public responded with distrust, which is to be expected. A Pew survey conducted during that time found that only about half of those polled would agree to get the vaccine, based on what they knew about it.

Instead of telling the truth about the vaccine -- that it was a failure and a ploy based on fear and exploitation -- the government instead tried to cover it all up. And now, with its reputation in shambles, this same government thinks it can pull another fast one on the public by fear-mongering over measles, which only seems to be effective on people who regularly consume mass media, particularly from the television.

"Those who watched more news were... more likely to want the vaccine," explains a summary of the study about the H1N1 vaccine, illustrating the news as an important medium that the government is apparently banking on to push more MMR vaccines in response to the alleged measles outbreak.

That a study like this would even be conducted, with the obvious intent of figuring out new ways to deceive people into trusting the government, shows just how desperate the vaccine mafia is becoming. The vaccine house of cards is falling, and the elite know this. And at this point, there appears to be no amount of propaganda that can prevent the inevitable fallout -- widespread rejection of vaccines.

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