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Psych meds cause patients to enter "zombie-like" states, feeling terrified and hopeless

Psych meds

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(NaturalNews) Sweat drips cold from his brow, as if his thoughts are trying to escape his scalp. Insomnia stares into his face like blinding lights. Ever since he started on his new medication, he could feel his care for life slipping, his mind trying to adjust to the chemical changes overtaking his brain. He knew this wasn't a fight to recover from depression -- a diagnosis thrust upon him. He knew he was fighting the side effects of the psych meds his doctor prescribed.

He tried to stop taking them, but his mother insisted they be taken on time, every day, just like the doctor instructed. He complied with their orders but it didn't take long for his metabolic processes to break down. Weight gain hit hard and fast. Fatigue cloaked his being like a zombie personality.

Violent, careless impulses seemed to overtake his extremities, like some other entity was in control. It was like he was being trained not to care -- empathy dissolving from his human nature. Over time, his mind went through the motions, succumbing to the dose. It made him feel hopeless. His mind only craved more.

His doctor said he was just trying to cope with the depression and that he'd need to keep taking his medicine. When the doctor upped the dose and said he'd need these drugs for life -- that's when he started to see through the illusion of the medication once and for all.

He told his mother it couldn't go on any longer. He told his doctor he was cutting back, but the more he abstained from the pills, the more the withdrawal effects pulled his mind deeper into confusion. He was determined to come back to his senses, to end the dependence on these medications that were claiming his life. He knew he wanted to be normal, strong and independent -- no longer bound to the control of these pills.

Today, he is free from them and the terrifying, hopeless feelings they cause. He is no longer living in a haze. He wakes up with purpose every day. Sure, not all is perfect in his world, but now he copes with his thoughts, feelings and pains in a more wholesome, holistic, liberating way.

Psych meds put people in zombie-like states

Psych meds are a ruthless drug that destroy a person's ability to cope with their feelings and experiences naturally. These mind-altering pills change the way people perceive sorrow, elation and pain, confusing the natural state of the mind. Under the influence of these drugs, people often enter a zombie-like state, creating hopeless dependence.

Interviews with community members at Murdoch University and the University of Queensland show the importance of listening to those who are living under the influence of these medications. Many times, their mental struggle isn't consumed by depression (as they are labeled), but instead by the chemical changes initiated by the drugs. Even the medical community understands that the severity of the drug's side effects outweighs a person's depression. Practically all states of depression are misdiagnosed and rushed into dependence on pharmaceutical psych meds before investigating underlying causes affecting lifestyle, relationships and nutrition levels.

There is also a stigma that can lead individuals on psych meds to "just put up with the drugs" even when they know the pills are not helping their condition. Psych meds can easily be prescribed to people unwilling to address the underlying causes of their depression.

"People using antipsychotic medications experience adverse side-effects that reach into their physical, social and emotional lives, and cause a level of fear and suffering that is difficult for anyone else to fully comprehend," Murdoch Professor Paul Morrison said.

"The proportion that experiences a disturbing side-effect has been estimated at between 50 and 70 per cent, and participants in our study reported on average between six and seven medication side-effects," he said.

Psych med side effects cause deeper depression

The side effects of psych meds range from the most bizarre, like involuntary movements, to more mundane problems such as restlessness and insomnia. The side effects can cause sexual dysfunction and can even put patients into terrifying states of dizziness. Weight gain and fatigue are common. All of these side effects can cause deeper depression, anxiety and manic behavior. In the end, dependence of the drugs creates extreme fatigue on the entire body, putting most subjects in a "zombie state."

Psych meds are not honest medicine. They destroy one's natural ability to overcome challenges. This leaves many patients to feel labeled and hopeless. Some try to come off and feel trapped by the withdrawal. Some may commit suicide, and the same alibi can be used each time -- that it was the person's depression that caused the death, not the drug. But the evidence is clear, in interviews, in the interactions with people who feel trapped on these psych meds. These drugs often make them feel suicidal.

Psych meds and acceptance of a condition causes "a culture of hopelessness"

Researchers at Murdoch University and the University of Queensland discovered that psych med patients fell trapped in a "a culture of hopelessness" where acceptance of their condition dominated their minds, destroying their will to recover.

"The issue here is the extent to which people with a mental illness have been conditioned into accepting the disabling effects of psychotropic medications without protest," Professor Morrison said. Psych meds and a depression diagnosis are not a confession of a problem, but are a covering up of the problems and an acceptance and assurance that the problem will persist.

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