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Innovative CoQ10 products with clean ingredients are revolutionizing health


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(NaturalNews) If you're over 25 and not supplementing with a highly bioavailable form of coenzyme Q10, your energy levels likely aren't up to par and your heart probably isn't getting enough of this vital nutrient to function at its peak. But with so many CoQ10 products on the market today, how can you know which ones are the cleanest and most effective for achieving maximum health results?

Our regular readers already know the importance of taking only the cleanest, chemical-free dietary supplements that have been thoroughly tested to be free of dangerous heavy metals, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), synthetic fillers and other additives. That's part of the reason why we launched our own forensic food lab, to independently test products in the marketplace and publish our findings publicly so people can make informed purchasing decisions.

We've always been about promoting best-in-class foods and dietary supplements, regardless of who makes them, and CoQ10 is no exception. Here are two of the top CoQ10 products we've uncovered that are revolutionizing the way people take this important nutrient (and as a side note, we don't have any financial ties to any of the companies that make these products):

1) MitoQ. One of the problems with many standard CoQ10 supplements is lack of bioavailability. Much of the CoQ10 contained in these products doesn't end up making it into cell mitochondria where it's needed to fuel energy production, and some people aren't even capable of converting oxidized CoQ10 into ubiquinol, the antioxidant form, at all, which makes these products ineffective.

The type of CoQ10 contained in MitoQ products, however, is different. By attaching a positively charged molecule to ubiquinone, the scientists who developed MitoQ figured out how to get CoQ10 directly into mitochondria, passing through the normally impermeable inner membrane of these cell powerhouses for maximum absorption.

"Research has shown that after oral administration, MitoQ rapidly accumulates in mitochondria-rich tissue such as the heart, brain, skeletal muscle, liver, and kidney and supports a range of conditions associated with oxidative stress," explains the company.

You can learn more about MitoQ here:

2) Healthy Origins Ubiquinol. Like MAX-Q10, Healthy Origins Ubiquinol contains Kaneka QH, a powerful antioxidant form of CoQ10 with superior bioavailability. Except this product is taken orally in a soft gel, which contains no soy or GMOs (many commercial supplements on the market today contain soy derivatives as fillers).

Healthy Origins Ubiquinol is an extremely clean CoQ10 product, containing no magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide or other questionable additives commonly seen in commercial supplements. It contains just Ubiquinol, medium-chain triglycerides (found in coconut oil), gelatin, glycerin, ascorbyl palmitate (fat-soluble vitamin C), beeswax, sunflower lecithin, purified water and annatto extract.

More on this exceptional CoQ10 product is available here:

(CORRECTION: The author of this article was not aware that StopAgingNow, which was originally mentioned in this article, has been an advertiser on Natural News. When this was discovered, a paragraph mentioning StopAgingNow was removed from this article to avoid any mis-impression of a conflict of interest.)





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