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Minnesota, Indiana propose new GMO labeling bills

GMO labeling

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(NaturalNews) The population is expected to eat, drink, vaccinate and medicate without knowing what they are putting in their body. There's no transparency or honesty. Food labels right now are a joke, a deceptive facade, because the genetically modified ingredients aren't even listed on the label. That trend is beginning to change, for food labels at least.

Three game-changing bills have been introduced -- two in Minnesota and one in Indiana.

HB. 1196, introduced by Indiana's Representatives Dan Forestal and Robin Shackleford, is summarized below:

"[B]eginning July 1, 2014, any food that is offered for retail sale is misbranded if it is not disclosed that the food is or may have been entirely or partially produced with genetic engineering. Provides that, beginning July 1, 2014, a food that is genetically engineered or a processed food may not state or imply that the food is natural. Establishes exceptions to the disclosure requirements and prohibition on stating a food is natural. Requires the state department of health (department) to administer and enforce the disclosure and labeling requirements. Allows the department to adopt rules. Establishes a Class A infraction for violations. Allows the department or a person to seek an injunction for a violation."

Support the Indiana GMO-right-to-know bill, here, at Food Democracy Now.

A similar measure has been proposed in both the Minnesota Senate and House, with Senator John Marty and Representative Karen Clark leading the introduction of the bills, and Senator Foung Hawj and Representative Raymond Dehn co-authoring the measures.

Support the Minnesota GMO-right-to-know bill here, at Food Democracy Now.

Honest food labels are just the beginning

It's time to be mindful with what we are putting in our bodies, and that starts with honest food labels. But food label transparency is just the beginning. We also need water content transparency, heavy metal content of food transparency and transparency of vaccine ingredients, including informed consent ethics revealing vaccine inserts. Beyond just labeling, we will need accountability, especially for all the side effect-ridden pharmaceutical drugs out there masquerading as "medicine."

It's time to get real. Just think: Water isn't just H2O. It can easily be loaded with brain-damaging metals like lead, aluminum and cadmium, among others. On top of that, Big Agriculture has contaminated water with pesticides, causing the population at large to suffer from various subtle health problems. Most water departments even taint the water with fluoride chemicals, a toxic mind suppressant. Is your municipal water being drugged by law with this byproduct that calcifies the pineal gland?

Left in the dark, consumers just accept things the way they are. It's even rare for medical professionals to allow patients to give informed consent when injecting them with various vaccines. No one discusses what's really on the vaccine inserts and the fine print which reveals that the injections have not been tested for effectiveness at all.

The population is living in the dark, blindly trusting science that is rearranging the DNA of food, creating agrochemicals like glyphosate which destroy the microbiome in the human gut. The population takes blind orders and is at the mercy of the most powerful scientists, food corporations and pharmaceutical giants. Why are we being restrained from knowing what we are eating, drinking and injecting ourselves with?

Isn't it about time we investigated and learned, for our own sake and our children's? Isn't it time we find out why we eat the way we do and how it feeds the empire of these modern day kings and queens who pull strings of the media and government? Don't believe this? Then question why these food corporations spends millions to block honest labeling laws.

Taking action and being mindful is more important than simply knowing what's in our food

Now is the time not only to learn what we are putting in our bodies but also to take action in ways that decentralize the power of the 0.001 percent who are literally running the world. It's important to know what's in our food, but it's more important to find ways to move away from this corporate-controlled patented "science" that has hijacked the natural DNA of crops and changed the very ecology of the environment and the human gut microbiome.

This is why it's important to grow your own food. Thankfully, Mike Adams is launching the Food Rising project, which is helping decentralize food production throughout the world, using low-tech, 3D-printed inventions that accelerate home gardening production. To support the future of decentralized, healthy, home-grown vegetable and herbal medicine production, find out how you can help.

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