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Health Ranger delivers "stunning interview" with Dave Hodges about food self-reliance and health preparedness

3D printing

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(NaturalNews) In a recent interview with Dave Hodges, host of "The Common Sense Show," Natural News editor Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, in which he discussed the coming economic collapse and why everyone should be prepared from a medical and personal health perspective.

"During the course of the interview Mike revealed his plans for a groundbreaking and innovative plan to help people grow their own food and medicine with the assistance of new technology, primarily through the use of 3-D printers," said a description of the show. Information regarding those innovations is available on Adams' newest website here: FoodRising.org.

Here are some interview excerpts and comments from Adams:

-- "When you go against the system today, you are literally targeted. This country has devolved, in so many ways, into a regime that I hardly recognize."

-- "Those [leaders] in charge seem to destroy, as much as possible, for their own selfish gain, and seek vengeance upon people they consider to be their subjects."

-- "We have a society now of power-hungry maniacs at every level of government who... want to destroy..."

On his new project and innovative plan:

-- "In about 30-45 days, I'm going to be releasing three downloadable plans that you can use on common 3D printers to print key components of [non]-electric food and medicine production systems..."

-- "The idea is to have food and medicine systems you can use at home that are completely off-grid... There are no circulating pumps or moving parts."

-- "You can grow your own medicine... all free, and open-source."

-- "3D printing could be a key technology for preppers, survivalists, who want to help restore liberty..."

Adams also said that, with the right 3D-printing equipment, landfill such as plastic garbage bags and plastic bottles can be used to process food production supplies and other necessities.

You can hear the entire interview here.




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