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Extreme winter weather gives Northeast a taste of economic collapse, showing importance of being prepared

Winter weather

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(NaturalNews) As the Northeast U.S. braces for what some pundits are calling a "crippling" and "potentially historic" blizzard, Americans are once again reminded of the importance of being prepared for anything. Even with just a few feet of snow expected to hit the ground, grocery stores in New York City and other dense urban areas are reportedly being ransacked, with long lines and empty shelves foreshadowing a much more horrific scenario to come once the financial and economic collapse hits.

Just minutes after NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio got on television Sunday afternoon and dramatically prophesied that "Superstorm Juno" would surely be "one of the largest snowstorms in the history of this city," New Yorkers began pouring into convenience marts, grocery stores and other havens of quick provision to grab as much milk, bread and meat as they could stuff in their bags.

Hundreds of images quickly began to appear on Facebook and Twitter of empty store shelves, long lines of people dragging out into the streets and other such madness over what is really just another "Nor'easter." Panic buying is a hallmark of any out-of-the-norm weather event, whether it be an approaching hurricane or, in this case, a "historic" snow event.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo recently declared a state of emergency, and National Guard troops have been sent to a number of counties in the southern part of the state, including in New York City. Overnight, snow levels could reach up to three feet, according to the latest reports, and winds could top 50 miles per hour in some areas.

Video clips and photo evidence of empty store shelves and people lined up in the streets throughout the Northeast is available here:

When the economic superstorm hits, will you be ready?

With commuter rail lines shutting down, businesses closing early, flights being canceled and traffic at a standstill in many areas, people throughout the affected region are coming to the stark realization that all the things they take for granted could very soon run out. It is during these crippling times that many Americans, at least for a moment, awaken from their slumber and start to prepare.

But the reality here is that, even with this current snowstorm, store shelves in some areas are being emptied in a matter of hours. If this event were to last a month, say, or even just a week, there would likely be no food left anywhere. Many grocery stores, especially smaller ones in NYC, receive daily deliveries with just enough food to last for the day.

If a societal breakdown of biblical proportions were to suddenly occur, crippling the movement of delivery trucks, trains and even the flow of electricity to homes and businesses, mass panic and chaos would quickly ensue. As explained by one news resource, society is just a few meals away from spiraling into total collapse and chaos.

"With bread, water and other foods being bought up at dizzying rates, the repercussions of Superstorm Juno should be looked upon as a dire warning by everyone paying attention as Americans['] panic once again proves to us we are only 9 meals away from society turning into total anarchy and revolution," stated All News Pipeline.





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