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Get healthy quickly - avoid these common mistakes that slow down your health goals

Health goals
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(NaturalNews) For most people, learning about natural health, which, incidentally, is the only kind of health there is, includes many of these common pitfalls that impede healing. The average person, especially those under 50, can achieve a high level of health very quickly, but it's rare. The reason for this is brainwashing. Health is not nearly as complicated as we're led to believe. Deprogramming our brains, getting rid of all of the nonsense, is the challenge that takes people weeks, months, or usually years to achieve in order to restore health.

If you've had enough of the aches and pains, disease, doctors piling on medications, or you just feel it's time to avoid the fate you see your friends and family fall into, here's what you can do to radically accelerate your learning curve and achieve a truly wonderful state of natural health and vitality, quickly.

Avoid diet foods

Diet soda, lean microwave dinners, healthy this and low fat that... are almost always garbage! If they reduce the fat, they increase the sugar. When they reduce the sugar, they increase the MSG. If the processed food does not have any fat or sugar, it almost always has artificial chemicals.

Stop reading labels

That's right; I said stop reading labels, for a little while. Now that I've got your attention, I mean stop buying packaged foods. It's important to learn how to read labels, but it's much more important to shop in a manner that doesn't require a lot of reading.

Typical self-proclaimed health-nuts love their junk food just as much as the conventional, sugar and caffeine addicted, soda drinking, GMO eating, processed food-buying consumer. The difference is that the health-nut generally buys foods labeled organic, or all natural, or something similar. Under many circumstances these words mean next to nothing. All natural is practically an industry joke played on gullible consumers. The phrase "Made with organic ingredients" is often simply a way to mark up the price. There are exceptions, and there is some junk food that I personally purchase from time to time, but organic junk food is still junk food!

Know what health food really is

Look at it this way, food has three levels: healthy, neutral, and not healthy. Healthy food heals. Neutral food has lots of benefits, especially when eaten with healthy foods, but it doesn't really heal the body on its own.

Healthy food is produce - raw, fresh produce. Foods that are alive are foods that heal and help rebuild the body. The fresher, the better. Enzymes are the key to assimilating nutrition, the key to vitality, the key to health. Very few people get enough enzymes. Enzymes are in raw foods, not in cooked foods. Cooking kills enzymes.

It's important to understand that every time we eat foods void of enzymes, we're taxing our bodies and reducing our lifespans, even when those food choices are of the healthier variety like rice and beans.

Brown rice, beans, quinoa, and lentils are examples of good foods to eat that should be considered neutral foods. These foods are wonderful sources of protein, bulk calories, minerals, and some vitamins. While raw food is best, it can be difficult for most, and impossible for some, to get enough minerals, protein, and calories from raw foods alone (for instance, I know plenty of people who have very poor access to fresh produce, or cannot afford it). Obviously, when cooked right, these foods have lots of benefits, but they don't come close to the amazing health benefits of a salad. On the other hand, brown rice and beans with some raw produce such as avocados, diced tomatoes, chopped onions, crushed garlic, and ground turmeric is an incredibly healing, very beneficial, warm, and truly healthy meal. But, it still doesn't even compare to a big, diverse salad.

Where to start?

Salads and lots of good water. Try this for two weeks: make a salad every single day with lots of fresh, raw produce. Check out the recipe from the first source below. Only eat salads, huge, diverse, nutrient rich salads, every day. Make the kind of salads that get finished in three sittings, not one. And make a gallon of cranberry lemonade sweetened with stevia. Eat fruits for snacks. Incidentally, this is a powerful detox that will remove most ailments by itself. Spend these two weeks researching and listening to the body, and slowly add more foods into the diet after ailments subside and health returns. For more on this subject, check out, Avoid These Common Mistakes To Optimize Your Health Quickly. And be sure to see this cranberry stevia lemonade recipe.







About the author:
Michael Edwards is the founder, owner, editor-in-chief, and janitor for Organic Lifestyle Magazine and Green Lifestyle Market. At age 17, Michael weighed more than 360 pounds. He suffered from ADHD, allergies, frequent bouts of illness, and chronic, debilitating insomnia.

Conventional medicine wasn't working. While he restored his health through alternative medicine he studied natural health and became immersed in it.

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