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Corrupt judge uses connections to get off the hook after getting caught drinking and driving


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(NaturalNews) Countless bills are drafted and signed into law on a daily basis throughout the US, written into existence by local, state and federal governments. These texts have piled up through the years -- droves of paperwork that can be enforced on any day, at any given time. There's so much written that the average American is most likely breaking the law every single day. In the excess of law, money talks the most, and having the right connection makes all the difference. In the confusion, justice is blurred and the rule of law is lost, spawning an entirely new, corrupt legal system.

In this new system of law, to get off the hook, all you need is a lot of influence, a good position in power or a connection with someone in power. Those in positions of power are readily let off the hook, even when they are caught on camera choking a man to death, as in the case of Eric Garner's death.

In this corrupt new legal system, it's all about having the right connections. Knowing the right person in power can make all the difference in determining guilt and conviction. This legal system no longer respects the rule of law. Scandals go on like giant parties, and corruption is celebrated like it's a parade, flaunting criminal behavior in the highest positions of government. This devilish legal system now reigns over America, benefiting the power elite in a network of bribery, personal favors and conniving influence.

Judge caught drinking and driving on tape but is let off the hook by her friends in power

Even judges enjoy the benefits of this legal system. It's obvious that they protect their own, pardoning one another even after evidence shows that they have broken some of the more serious of laws. According to new video evidence, a Texas judge identified as Nora Longoria was stopped by police for speeding and driving under the influence. The Texas judge confessed to having five beers that evening and refused a breathalyzer and blood test to determine her intoxication level. While it was apparent she was breaking the law, when she went back to work, the charges were dropped. In fact, the District Attorney of Hidalgo County, Rene Guerra, said there was not enough evidence to prosecute Longoria. Judge Rolando Cantu, a colleague and friend of Longoria ultimately dismissed the case against her, and marked "other" as the reason for dismissal.

It soon become obvious that the District Attorney and fellow judge were doing Longoria a favor, letting her off the hook for something the average American would be fined and jailed for. Check out the police dash cam video of Longoria failing the field sobriety test which was released by the McAllen Texas police department.

In the video, Longoria stumbled several times, pleading, "Please let me go home, I live a couple of miles away. You are going to ruin my life."

Bringing back the rule of law

The real question here is: Does the rule of law still exist in America? How can we bring it back? Under the rule of law, government officials and all their friends are to be held accountable equally under the law, just like average citizens. Under the rule of law, all laws are accessible and fair among everyone, regardless of their position and influence. Respecting the rule of law requires law to be carried out diligently by an independent, representative body who can deliver justice in a competent and ethical manner.

What are new ways to bring in more accountability and more checks and balance in a justice system overrun by corruption?




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