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Whether you realize it or not, you are now a debt slave

Debt slavery

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(NaturalNews) More than 612,000 Americans died from battle deaths, diseases and other war-related causes during the Civil War, a conflict fought largely to end the "peculiar institution" of enslaving black men and women.

But now, more than 150 years after the last shot was fired in that terrible conflict, Americans of all ethnic groups are being enslaved again, this time by something thatmost have not seen coming and would never have expected: Debt. What's more, the debt enslavement was all by design.

That's according to Chris Duane, a prepping expert and founder of SilverShieldXChange.com, a silver investment site. In a recent interview with podcaster Dunagan Kaiser of ReluctantPreppers.com, Duane said that, over the course of human existence, some have figured out that the best way to control entire populations is to saddle them with debt and an existence owned by others -- a phenomenon that is now widespread not just in the U.S. but globally.

"The current form of debt and death has to do with the unlimited amount of creating debt," he said in the interview. "That has been able to enslave the power of everybody... Every single person in this world is a debt slave, whether they are out of debt or not."

"The entire world is on fiat currency"

He continued:

"Those at the top now have unlimited resources to buy off any amount of power or people they need to continue the consolidation of power into this collectivist, nationalistic, psychopathic state that is, in all intents and purposes, run by the worst in humanity."

Duane said that the current state of debt affairs was hundreds of years in the making.

"Now, we're at this apex period, where now the entire world is on an unbacked, fiat, debt-based currency. The entire world is under this debt," he said, but the course of money creation and debt cannot continue indefinitely.

"What I think will ultimately happen is that this unsustainable, psychopathic way of life is going to end, and I think it is imperative for people to get their mind wrapped around this very big issue and start asking how can they prepare for that," said Duane, adding that he believes that silver is very important to that preparation process because it is a tangible asset, as opposed to paper money, which is based on imaginary, not real, value.

Duane also said that most other things we value -- stocks, bonds, real estate, etc. -- are also based on the same fiat money concept -- money that continues to be printed by the Federal Reserve despite a public debt of more than $18 trillion and a debt caused by over-promised entitlements of more than $120 trillion.

It's all "based off of some notion that we can continue to print money forever and be able to continue this paradigm ad infinitum, in the face of declining demographics like the baby boomers getting older and no longer spending what they did, or even earning, or even having a job or, you know, a house, after the housing bubble," he continued.

'How does law and order continue?'

Eventually, the system will no longer be able to support itself, he maintained, and will "fracture into a million pieces." Then, he said, individuals will have to fend for themselves because government systems will have collapsed.

"Power is going to devolve down to the most local and responsive level," he said, "and that means it could be a local village, it could be a local drug dealer, or it could be just, you know, 'the man of the house.'"

He also said he believes humanity is set to "suffer tremendously" in the coming years.

"Once the monetary system collapses, how do you get past three days of food and fuel in the system?" he said. "How do you get past 50 million Americans on some sort of government food program? How do you get past, you know, oil being transported from the Middle East to the United States or even pumped out of our own grounds when people don't show up to work?

"How does law and order continue when police officers lose their pensions, don't get a paycheck, and they're forced to go out into the streets where people are rightfully angry about everything being lost?" he continued. "It's going to be chaos on all levels."





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