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Obama's executive action, opposed by 62% of Americans, allows illegal immigrants to receive Social Security, Medicare, other taxpayer-funded benefits

Illegal immigrants

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(NaturalNews) A number of political and social issues were important to voters who cast ballots in the Nov. 4 midterm elections -- jobs, the economy, national security, healthcare...

But one of the issues that received a great deal of attention as well was immigration and, specifically, illegal immigration. According to exit polling by Kellyanne Conway's The Polling Company, nearly three-quarters (74 percent) of voters believed that "President Obama should work with Congress rather than around Congress on immigration and separately."

Separately, a September poll by Rasmussen Reports (well before the election) found that 62 percent of Americans opposed President Obama doing precisely what he did a few weeks ago -- enact amnesty by executive order, essentially.

Now, in what will likely anger voters, reports have surfaced indicating that these same illegal aliens are likely eligible for a slate of taxpayer-funded benefits.

"We're going to offer the following deal"

The Washington Post reported:

Under President Obama's new program to protect millions of illegal immigrants from deportation, many of those affected will be eligible to receive Social Security, Medicare and a wide array of other federal benefits, a White House official said....

In his Nov. 20 speech, Obama said his plan would be a means of bringing some accountability to what he said "everyone agrees is a broken immigration system." Estimates vary, but anywhere from 11 to 15 million illegal aliens reside in the country.

"We're going to offer the following deal: If you've with been in America more than five years. If you have children who are American citizens or [legal] residents. If you register, pass a criminal background check and you're willing to pay your fair share of taxes, you'll be able to apply to stay in this country temporarily without fear of deportation," Obama said. "You can come out of the shadows and get right with the law."

For working immigrants, the taxes being paid will include payroll taxes, known as FICA taxes, which are collected under the Federal Insurance Contributions Act. This tax obligation is generally split between employer and employee, and include 12.4 percent collected to fund Social Security; 2.9 percent funds Medicare.

As per federal law, people who pay these taxes are therefore deemed "lawfully present in the United State" and can thus collect benefits under the programs when they are eligible. In addition, the Post reported, they can also receive survivor and disability benefits.

"If they pay in, they can draw," White House spokesman Shawn Turner told the Post via e-mail.

He went on to note, though, that the estimated 5 million illegal immigrants that could be given deportation protection under Obama's orders will not become eligible for other federal benefits programs like student financial aid, food stamps and housing subsidies.

Also, they will not be eligible to buy health insurance through the federal healthcare exchange at Healthcare.gov, under the Affordable Care Act, giving businesses a $3,000 per employee incentive to hire such immigrants rather than American citizens.

Future president could undo all of this

Republican opponents of Obama's actions said they were taken aback by assertions that illegal immigrants would someday be eligible to receive Social Security and Medicare benefits -- "the cornerstones of government-provided economic security for elderly Americans," the Post reported.

"First with Obamacare we were told we should pass it and then read it to find out what was in it," Republican National Committee spokeswoman Kirsten Kukowski told the paper in an e-mail. "Now Obama overreached and acted unilaterally on immigration, which should have been vetted and authorized by Congress, and we're finding out there's more to the story than Obama and the Democrats originally told Americans."

The Post further reported:

Illegal immigrants who register and meet the requirements set out by Obama will be allowed to remain in the United States without fear of deportation for three years at a time. Theoretically, his action could be overturned by future presidents, but withdrawing such arrangements would be difficult politically.

Republicans also noted that adding millions to a benefits system that is slated to become insolvent is also bad public policy.







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