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Natural Remedies for Migraines

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(NaturalNews) There is s strong belief in the natural health community of one disease, one cause. In other words, the body, if cleansed of toxins and given proper nutrition, will heal itself. All disease begins at a cellular level. There is also a consensus that health starts in the gut. Four things are known about migraines: they involve vessels, inflammation (nerves and vessels), low levels of serotonin, and may be caused by heavy metal toxicity.

Boost serotonin

One of the symptoms common to migraine sufferers is a drop in serotonin or low levels of serotonin before a migraine. The beneficial bacteria in the gut produces 80% of the body's serotonin, therefore it stands to reason that gut health and high serotonin levels may reduce or eliminate migraines. In order to achieve this,? one must cleanse the gut of bad bacteria and Candida and repopulate the gut with beneficial bacteria. The diet must be rich in both prebiotic and probiotic foods.

Reduce inflammation

Inflammation is another causal factor. To reduce or eliminate inflammation, eliminate all foods that cause an allergic response, refined and processed foods, and eat a diet high in naturally occurring omega 3 fatty acids (think raw fresh produce).

Vitamins and minerals to supplement

B-vitamins are essential for vascular health and for nerves and nervous tissue. Always take a B-complex vitamin rather than just taking one B vitamin for any length of time. Omega 3 oils help the body assimilate B vitamins. Vitamin C and vitamin D also aid in vascular health along with calcium, magnesium, and selenium.

Heavy metal toxicity

Heavy metal chelation may go a long way towards ending your battle with migraines. For many people, removal of mercury fillings has ended their susceptibility to migraines.


Ginger is nothing short of miraculous when it comes to stopping a migraine in its tracks. Take ginger at the first sign of an impending attack (during an aura or if you don't get auras, at the first sign of pain).

You can juice fresh ginger root and drink it as a shot or add it to fruit juice (carrot and apple combined is good with ginger). You can also take ginger in a variety of forms--but fresh ginger root is likely to be the most bio-available form.

Ginger helps with nausea as well if the migraine is already in progress.

Essential oils

Lavender, peppermint, and basil essential oils have been known to help reduce the pain of migraines when inhaled.


Stress is a factor for migraines, as it is for all disease. It is important to learn how to release stress, as chronic stress does affect our biochemistry. Examine your lifestyle and decide if there are changes you want to make. If you want to make a serious impact on your stress level, learn to breathe deeply, the right way, without thinking about it. Also learn to meditate and exercise regularly.

Start Grounding

EMFs can intensify and even contribute to causing migraines. Spend some time earthing, connecting with the earth. Walk barefoot or sit on the ground outside.

The Best and Fastest Cure for Migraines

Snort cayenne pepper. If you think this sounds too painful, you probably don't know the pain of migraines. But this will work very, very quickly.


Whether migraines are rare or frequent, the pain can be overwhelming. No one should ever have to suffer through a migraine. To fully address the actions you can take to eliminate migraines from your life, it's time to fix your diet, eliminate prescription and other drugs (even over the counter), balance your gut flora, and repair your nervous system. If you think your diet is clean and you suffer from migraines, it's time to reexamine that. The first steps to eliminating migraines are to kill Candida, and to detox the body. See the first two sources for many more migraine remedies.











About the author:
Michael Edwards is the founder, owner, editor-in-chief, and janitor for Organic Lifestyle Magazine and Green Lifestyle Market. At age 17, Michael weighed more than 360 pounds. He suffered from ADHD, allergies, frequent bouts of illness, and chronic, debilitating insomnia.

Conventional medicine wasn't working. While he restored his health through alternative medicine he studied natural health and became immersed in it.

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