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Ebola primed to go airborne, warns virologist


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(NaturalNews) The first case of Ebola transferring from person-to-person within the U.S. has been confirmed, and one university professor argues that the deadly hemorrhagic virus is now ready to go airborne.

Dr. David Sanders from Purdue University in Indiana says that, because the lungs have already been shown to receive Ebola, it is only a matter of time before the virus mutates to become transmissible through the air.

"It can enter the lung from the airway side," said Dr. Sanders about the Ebola virus, contradicting the official story being spread by U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) stooge Dr. Thomas Frieden.

"So this argues that Ebola is primed to have respiratory transmission. We need to be taking this into consideration. What if? This is not a crazy, 'What if?' This is not a wild, 'What if?'"

As Ebola spreads, it continues to mutate

Echoing what other independent scientists have been saying in recent weeks, Dr. Sanders says that Ebola mutates every time it spreads to the next human host. Eventually, he says, it will evolve to become more virulent, potentially gaining airborne potential.

At this point, it is difficult to calculate precisely how many people could contract Ebola in an airborne scenario, especially since the CDC keeps changing its story as to how Ebola is spread, and how likely it is to trigger a major U.S. outbreak.

Dr. Anthony Fauci from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) previously stated before a meeting of the U.S. House Foreign Affairs subcommittee that Ebola is "incredibly unlikely" to go airborne.

But this is clearly not the case, as was demonstrated in the recent case of Ebola spreading from Liberian national Thomas Eric Duncan to a nurse at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas. Unaware of how this occurred, the CDC's Frieden told the media that it must have been caused by a "protocol breach."

"I don't want people to get worried right now, but for people to say there's zero chance is simply incorrect," added Dr. Sanders. "It's not something to be dismissed."

Frieden deflects responsibility for lying to Americans, blames healthcare workers for catching Ebola

The Ebola narrative currently being dispensed by the American corporate media reads like some sort of psychological brainwashing operation. From the very beginning, the U.S. government has repeatedly changed its story about Ebola, claiming all the while that it can't spread easily and will never cause an American outbreak.

Now that this version of the story is proving to be false, we are somehow supposed to believe that each subsequent case of the illness being reported is the result of user error rather than government misinformation.

The medical community, however, isn't buying any of this and is now going on the offense against the likes of the CDC and the NIH, both of which stand to profit from the spread of Ebola.

"You don't scapegoat and blame when you have a disease outbreak," stated Bonnie Castillo, a registered nurse and disaster relief expert at National Nurses United, a professional nurses union, to Reuters. "We have a system failure. That is what we have to correct."

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