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Mercury Spectrum Disorder - neuronal cell damage for life from vaccinations


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(NaturalNews) More vaccines and earlier in life! This is what the USA and the CDC do to babies, and this is why we have a higher infant mortality rate (thanks to disease) than 43 of the other modern countries of the world. Oops. The CDC won't even admit it, even after their own inside whistleblowing scientist confessed and showed how they all skewed research which reveals that mercury in vaccines causes autism rates to skyrocket, especially in African American boys given the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) combo vaccine before three years of age.

Are you worried about terrorists? What if terrorists were running up to children in the streets and injecting them with mercury? What if terrorists were sneaking into hospitals and using needles to inject highly toxic poison into babies so they could never develop into self-sufficient adults? Would that be deemed bio-terrorism, and how would the US government and the CDC react? Would CNN cover that news? Quick, set up emergency FEMA quarantines at the football stadiums across America! Force-vaccinate the masses and feed them GMO food until the pandemic passes and the terrorists are all sent back "overseas."

For 10 YEARS, the CDC has been "injecting" autism into babies

Guess what? The CDC has known for 10 YEARS that the toxins in vaccines, including thimerosal, lead to an increase in mortality rates for babies, and autism spectrum disorders are now commonplace, especially among African American boys who get the MMR combo jab before the age of three. This is genocide and eugenics. This is like Nazi Germany, and now that alternative news has blown the cover story wide open, the mass media is scrambling to cover it up, bury it and continue with its bombardment of food, medicine and personal care products that cause cancer, diabetes, heart disease and anything else that funds the Big Pharma Industrial Complex now known as Obamacare. This is the law. But shouldn't these "mad scientists" be convicted for altering research that has endangered and killed innocent humans? Where are the checks and balances of this great country? Didn't the Nazi scientists hide information from the public so Hitler could be the psychopath that he was? Of course they did. And they were convicted of mass murder. So quickly and easily do we forget what happened to 6 million people just 75 years ago.

Is your child suffering from Mercury Spectrum Disorder?

Will force-vaccinations follow? Will Ebola, bird flu and swine flu vaccines be forced on the American "quarantined" masses soon? Are you too sick to work and pay your rent? FEMA is ready for you, and so is the DHS. Can you afford the bills that come from taking care of an autistic child your whole life thanks to the CDC? Maybe you should sue them and be compensated for MSD-autism, now that they are proven guilty of corroborating on burying evidence that mercury (thimerosal) in vaccines cause autism! You should learn more on this now. As Ethan Huff reported for Natural News:

This is evident in the dismal infant mortality rate of U.S.-born children, who fare the worst among virtually all other industrialized countries. And as the CDC has continued to add more vaccines to the official vaccine schedule -- as well as pushed these vaccines at an increasingly earlier age -- the autism rate has skyrocketed in response.

"[The CDC is] not being very honest with the American public about what might be causing the epidemic of autism in the United States," he said. "[W]e have the highest rate and the earliest vaccines given in the world, and yet on the infant mortality list we're at the very top. Our children die at a higher rate of disease... than any other country of 43 modern countries."

Want natural immunity to all of this chaos? Check out medicinal mushrooms, oil of oregano and marine phytoplankton!

Protect yourself and your babies. After all, they don't call it ancient medicine for nothing!

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