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Conventional doctors vs. naturopaths - 3 distinct differences between them

Conventional doctors
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(NaturalNews) Conventional doctors have been controlling the health industry with medical dogma that has been taken as gospel for several decades. However, people are now beginning to realize the importance of other practices and therapies, many of which are rooted in much more history than those of today's conventional medicine.

So what is the difference between conventional doctors and naturopaths, and what are the potential effects on the patient?


Upon graduation from medical school, the students find themselves in a system that financially rewards what is called "reactive" medicine, or interventions that treat symptoms. The pharmaceutical industry is a money-making giant, with the top 11 drug companies collectively making almost 85 billion in profit in 2012. When one considers estimates that 70% of people are on at least one prescription, and often for several decades with no end in sight, it's not hard to imagine the ease in which this industry can generate these types of profits.

Many conventional doctors dismiss or belittle natural treatments because they have been indoctrinated into a system rooted in economic rewards.

Naturopathic medicine and the profit it generates absolutely pale in comparison. The financial reward is greatly reduced when you prevent illness or correct nutritional deficiencies that may be causing the patient's condition, because a healthy patient is not dependent on the naturopath's time and the naturopath doesn't prescribe high profit and addictive prescription drugs. A naturopathic doctor is more concerned with the root cause of the problem and alleviating it with nutrition and natural supplements than relief of symptoms.


With medical schools so focused on learning the intimate details of diagnosing and prescribing due to the sheer profitability, the major factor for true health is generally ignored. That component is nutrition.

Doctors are said to study nutrition for a matter of a few days or for one course in what is a lengthy process to obtain a degree. It is simply an infinitesimal fraction of the education they receive, so if they do want to learn more, they often have to take it upon themselves, outside of the typical curriculum.

Since they are indoctrinated early on with the diagnose, prescribe, or do surgery approach, and since they recognize its immense profitability compared to more natural methods, there really is no incentive to consider nutrition as a major part of reversing disease and maintaining a healthy body.

Naturopaths, on the other hand, spend a great deal of time studying nutrition as the basis of treating patients. This is due to the belief that proper nourishment is a major component in the healing process and is fundamental to the patient who wishes to achieve a healthy and higher quality of life.

Length of time with patient

Researchers from John Hopkins University and the University of Maryland found that conventional interns spend about 12% of their time each day with each patient, which amounts to 8 minuscule minutes per visit. The majority of their time was spent reading charts, writing notes, entering orders, and speaking with other team members.

In contrast, naturopaths spend a lot more time with their patients. At a typical visit, a naturopathic doctor will spend up to an hour or more with each patient in order to properly assess the patient holistically and to discuss all of the available natural solutions.

This discrepancy in time spent understanding the patient and their concerns has a major affect on the end result of their well-being. This is why educating oneself in matters related to true health is of primary importance.

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About the author:
Derek Henry took a deadly health challenge that conventional medicine couldn't solve and self-directed a one-in-a-million health journey that found him happier and healthier than he had been in his entire life. As a result of this rewarding journey, he now spends his time writing, coaching, and educating thousands of people each month who want to enjoy similar results under their own direction.

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