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Gum disease - three ingredient natural home remedy

Gum disease
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(NaturalNews) Gum disease affects many people worldwide but most individuals don't know they have some type of gum disease. Swollen gums that are deep red, sensitive to brushing, and easily bleed have a mild form of gum disease, also known as gingivitis. If left untreated, gingivitis can manifest into periodontitis, which is inflammation around the teeth that cause the gums to pull away from the teeth. This creates pockets between the teeth and the gums that is the perfect environment for bacteria to proliferate. When the bacteria and plaque spread below the gum line, bone, connective tissue and gum tissue starts to breakdown.

Natural remedy for gingivitis

In some cases, swollen or bleeding gums can be fixed by brushing twice daily, flossing and avoiding sugar. However, sometimes this is not enough. Enter, cayenne pepper -- a herbalist's essential herb. Cayenne pepper, also known as capsicum, is widely known for it's ability to quickly stop external bleeding. Cayenne pepper has a variety of other health benefits and is indispensable for many herbalists. It's lesser known attribute is it's ability to eliminate gum disease. Cayenne can help eliminate swelling of the gums by stimulating circulation in the gums to push out bacteria that can't be reached by mouthwash, flossing or brushing.

The power of three

For more serious cases of gum disease, such as in cases of periodontitis, goldenseal can be used in conjunction with cayenne to more quickly eradicate bacteria and infections. Goldenseal has many impressive healing qualities, among them are roles as a: Cell proliferate, antiseptic, antibacterial and blood cleanser, and it also pulls tissue together to more quickly heal wounds. In severe cases of gum disease, such as in cases of frequent gum infection and loosened teeth, myrrh can be added to this blend for an even more powerful remedy. Myrrh is also a powerful antiseptic that encourages tissue to heal. Additionally, myrrh is an expectorant, a stimulant, an antacid and a digestive aid.

Use these three herbs to help eliminate gum disease by mixing equal parts of each into a small container. Sprinkle some of the mix onto a wet toothbrush and brush twice a day or up to once every two hours in more severe cases. If necessary, use just a small amount of toothpaste to help the herbs adhere to the toothbrush. You'll be able to notice a difference within 24 hours. Use this blend for 2 weeks or longer for severe cases. If you experience pain when brushing, add clove to the blend to help manage pain.

This blend works very well to help eliminate gum disease and is all natural. The only downside, it's a small one, is the cayenne and goldenseal will cause a slight burning and tingling sensation, don't worry, it does dissipate fairly quickly. Click here for more on the benefits of cayenne pepper, written by the author, Jeanette Padilla.

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About the author:
Jeanette Padilla is an experienced herbalist, writer, and co-creator of Sunshine Natural Healing. Read more of her work at Sunshine Natural Healing, or follow her on Facebook

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