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Malaysia Flight 17: Another air incident in a long history of cover-ups, but what is the motive?

Malaysia Flight 17

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(NaturalNews) It has not been a good year for air travelers, Boeing or, especially, Malaysia Airlines. It's also not been a good year for peace and justice, or reasonable, believable explanations for some pretty bizarre incidents.

The most recent "bizarre" incident -- the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH-17, which (according to available evidence) was likely brought down by a surface-to-air missile from a highly sophisticated air defense weapon in eastern Ukraine -- is suspicious for a number reasons, not the least of which being the fact that there is a civil war being fought in that corner of the world at the present time.

In fact, many have raised the question as to why a commercial airliner was flying over a war zone in the first place. According to PBS, the Federal Aviation Administration had banned all U.S. carriers from flying over the region, but not all countries and all airlines have followed suit. In fact, the day that MH-17 was shot down, "a few aircraft were in the same general area" and it was "on a route used by multiple aircraft everyday." So why was the Malaysian plane selected, if in fact it was shot down?

There are other anomalies surrounding the flight:

-- For instance, pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine -- who have been blamed for shooting down the plane -- swooped in on the area and took control of the plane's "black box" flight recorders, as well as the bodies of the victims -- for days -- in what Australian officials have labeled "evidence tampering on an industrial scale."

-- Some reports say that the plane was ordered by Ukrainian ground control to fly at a lower-than-normal altitude (33,000 as opposed to around 39,000 feet for a long-range flight) and to change its flight path -- a change that took it directly through the conflict zone. This was after MH-17's crew requested a ceiling of 35,000 feet.

-- In some Western media, poor weather was cited as the reason why the plane was diverted, but as noted by Global Research, that was a fabrication. Malaysian officials have said there "were no reports" from the plane's pilot suggesting that "bad weather" accounted for the diversion.

-- While Russia has vehemently denied any involvement, recordings of Ukrainian rebels' conversations allegedly intercepted by Ukraine's security services purport to indicate Moscow's involvement. According to translations of the conversations, which reportedly took place via cellphone, the Russian government was extremely interested in recovering MH-17's black boxes and any other evidence that the separatists could secure and "hide."

-- Is there a tie-in with the earlier loss of Malaysia Airlines MH-370, which disappeared on a flight from Kuala Lampur to Beijing, no trace of which has ever been found? At the time, there was some speculation that that flight might have been hijacked by the pilot, as a terrorist act. But it's not clear that that is the case; what is clear, however, is that nothing has been found in terms of wreckage, and that was odd indeed.

-- And there is this: A recent report in Britain's The Guardian newspaper said:

Nearly all of the highest-profile domestic terrorism plots in the United States since 9/11 featured the "direct involvement" of government agents or informants, a new report says.

Some of the controversial "sting" operations "were proposed or led by informants", bordering on entrapment by law enforcement. Yet the courtroom obstacles to proving entrapment are significant, one of the reasons the stings persist.

Was MH-17 some sort of "false flag" attack -- that is, a covert or paramilitary operation designed to deceive in a manner that the operation appears as though it was carried out by an entity, group or nation other than those who actually planned and executed it? Such operations are not new, and they have been carried out for years by nations and entities during peacetime and during wartime alike.

Such operations are not beyond the realm of possibility. There were questions surrounding the downing of TWA Flight 800 some years ago, with one former NTSB inspector saying specifically that he believes it was brought down by a missile, despite the U.S. government's "official" version that a faulty electrical wire caused a fuel tank to explode.

Covert false flag operations have long been options for governments capable of carrying them out. Food for thought.








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