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Obama promotes junk food to increase his popularity among 'regular Americans'


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(NaturalNews) Currently facing the lowest public approval rating of his entire tenure, Barack Obama has adopted a new political strategy that he hopes will woo the American public to his side: junk food. That's right, the proclaimed president of the world's greatest superpower has taken to the streets, visibly chowing down burgers, ice cream, milkshakes, fries and other processed foods in carefully planned photo ops that media reports say are intended to resonate with "regular Americans."

The Washington Post (WP), for instance, ran a piece on Obama's recent escapades in Austin, Texas, where he reportedly skipped the hours-long line of the popular east-side Franklin Barbecue joint to get a taste of its world-renowned smoked beef brisket. Obama also made a stop recently at the Wilmington, Delaware-based Charcoal Pit, a greasy spoon that serves burgers and fries, and that's also a favorite of Joe Biden.

When asked about these and other fast food excursions, including a recent stroll down to a local Starbucks and a night out with Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper -- the two took a photo together chugging down craft brew while playing pool -- Obama told reporters that his goal is to connect with "regular Americans and their struggles," as stated by WP. In other words, Obama apparently sees America's addiction to junk food as a common interest through which he can create some kind of lasting bond.

"The cuisine and restaurants chosen by Obama and the White House is yet another reflection that Obama is attempting to bolster his populist bona fides out on the road," wrote Katie Zezima for WP about Obama's latest attempts at glossing over the real issues that Americans have with the current administration, which include the Benghazi scandal, the IRS' targeting of conservatives, rising unemployment, illegal NSA spying, the Obamacare debacle, the illegal immigrant crisis and much more.

Fast food is public propaganda for Obama, who feasts on healthy food with family in White House

All the deep-fried onion rings in the world won't vindicate Obama for sending ground troops to Libya without congressional support, for example, which he later claimed were just "logistical troops." Cute little photo ops with Baskin-Robbins ice cream cones will also do little to overcome Obama's backdoor, executive order implementation of the so-called DREAM Act, which would grant amnesty to 22 million illegal immigrants.

There are literally dozens of well documented, impeachable offenses that Obama and his cronies have committed since 2008 -- not to mention the fact that there is still no legitimate, verifiable proof that Obama is even an American citizen -- yet this sitting president believes that he can just make all this go away by visiting the Shake Shack with construction workers in Washington, in an effort to "connect" with them.

Even as far-gone as America seems these days, it is still difficult to believe that these hackneyed attempts at identifying with ordinary Americans through junk food will actually work. This is especially true in light of the fact that, when not parading himself around at fast food joints, Obama and his family are quietly feasting on the finest organic foods in the comfort and safety of the White House.

"[T]he Obamas appear to have settled into the pattern established by their predecessors: privately eat organic while publicly maintaining the food system status quo," wrote Tom Philpott for Mother Jones in a 2012 piece on how all the recent presidential administrations, including Obama's, quietly choose healthy, organic food for themselves while pushing toxic junk food on the rest of us.

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