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Natural compounds to modulate estrogen metabolism

Hormone therapy
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(NaturalNews) Estrogen dominance is one of the consequences of excessive synthetic chemicals in modern industrialized nations. This high estrogen count is a leading contributor to many major health issues. Natural compounds help modulate estrogen metabolism in the body and maintain normal hormone balance.

Aging and high levels of physical, chemical and emotional stress are associated with the loss of progesterone in women and testosterone in men. Estrogen dominance is a common condition with chronic and often debilitating symptoms.

Symptoms of estrogen dominance:

• PMS symptoms
• Cervical dysplasia
• Uterine fibroids
• Fatigue
• Endometriosis
• Decreased libido
• Fibrocystic breasts
• Headaches
• Infertility
• Cancer (breast, uterine, ovarian, prostate and colon)
• Weight gain
• Excessive menstruation
• Thyroid problems
• Hot flashes
• Menstrual cramping
• Depression

Indole 3 carbonol (I3C)

Estrogen hormones are metabolized by the liver through a hydroxylation process in phase I liver detoxification. The hydroxylation process takes place on three major estrogen molecules. These include 2-hydroxyestrone (2-OH), 4-hydroxyestrone (4-OH) and 16-alpha-hydroxyestrone (16-alpha-OH).

The 2-OH metabolite has a very mild estrogenic response and is the preferential estrogen metabolite. The 4-OH and 16-alpha OH are much more powerful and create a persistent estrogenic response. Compounds that help reduce the 4-OH and 16-alpha OH subtypes and increase 2-OH are desired for good estrogen metabolism.

Indole-3-Carbinol (I3C), a compound found in cruciferous vegetables, has the ability to shift the ratio estrogen metabolites in favor of 2-OH. I3C does this by inducing phase I cytochrome P450-1A1 and P450-1A2 enzymes which facilitate the reduction of 4-OH and 16-alpha OH and increases 2-OH. This has a very positive effect on estrogen metabolism.(1)

I3C has also been shown to have powerful effects against cancer cells by reducing growth and inducing cancer cell death.(2) I3C is especially powerful against estrogen positive cancer growths.(3) It also has a positive effect against the formation of excessive lipids and trigyclerides in the body (4). It also has been shown to reduce the negative effects of BPA and other xenoestrogens on the body.(5)

Black cohosh

Black cohosh is a species of flowering plant of the family Ranunculaceae. It is native to eastern North America from the extreme south of Ontario to central Georgia and west to Missouri and Arkansas.

Black cohosh contains triterpene glycosides that have estrogen modulating impacts on metabolism.(6) These components have been shown to improve estrogen deficient type symptoms without the adverse risks of estrogen replacement therapy.

Black cohosh has been shown to decrease hot flashes, increase blood flow to the pelvic area, relieve spasms and improve hormone related mood depression.(7) This substance does not stimulate the uterine tissue and promote the formation of fibroids the way estrogen replacement does.(8) This is a very safe and natural compound to use in support of estrogen balance.

Don quai

This is an herb otherwise known as Angelica Sinensis, that has the ability to modulate the way the estrogen receptor functions. It is believed to have compounds that have estrogenic expression but in significantly reduced potency as human estrogens in the ratio of 1:400. This herb helps to ensure optimal estrogen expression in the body.

In estrogen deficient cases, it is able to bind and influence the estrogen receptor to improve estrogen interaction with the tissue cells. In estrogen dominant patterns it competes with estrogen receptor binding and lowers the potency of estrogen on the bodily tissues. This is because its potency is so much lower than human estrogen.(8)

Dong Quai also improves iron absorption in anemic cases and has anti-inflammatory and pain relieving qualities.(9) It also improves cardiac function and increases vaginal lubrication.(10)

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About the author:
Dr David Jockers is a Maximized Living doctor and owns and operates Exodus Health Center in Kennesaw, Georgia where he specializes in functional nutrition, functional medicine and corrective chiropractic care to get to the underlying cause of major health problems.

His website features great articles on natural health and incredible recipes. He is the author of the best-selling book SuperCharge Your Brain - the complete guide to radically improve your mood, memory and mindset. He has over 50,000 active followers on his social media and email newsletter and is a big influencer in the Primal Health movement.

Dr. Jockers is also available for long distance consultations and health coaching to help you beat disease and reach your health goals. For more information got to www.drjockers.com

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