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White meat, the other red meat that taxes your entire digestive system

White meat

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(NaturalNews) You've heard it before, "eat less red meat" if you want to be healthier, and more white meat, but could it all just be a trick to keep you eating something that your body doesn't want, need or even have the "desire" to break down? What is it that your organs are really after anyway? Isn't it just the protein, or is it the amino acids? You better check.

Tasking the digestive tract with toxins

Most MDs and heart surgeons will tell you the exact same thing: "You should eat less red meat! It's easier on the heart." Or they'll tell you to cook it well, because that cooks out impurities and kills any bacteria, viruses, etc. They don't know. MDs in America don't know enough about nutrition to make any wise call about eating or NOT eating any meat, even organic. Some organic meats still tax the system, and the USDA-certified organic seal doesn't mean that they were ever tested for ANY levels of toxic heavy metals. Does your "other white meat" contain arsenic? Did your white bird lead a CAFO life -- a nightmarishly short life in contaminated quarters being injected with hormones and antibiotics to stave off infections? Maybe "less red meat" should be rephrased to "no meat, not even white."

Besides gluten, guess which food is the most difficult to digest. Does your meat have its own infections, before it ever enters your body? If so, it won't matter a bit which color it is, or which animal it came from, or which doctor told you to eat "less of it" instead of really informing you of your beneficial health choices.

More fungal infections in poultry uncovered here:

Massive beef recall hits the mainstream news 2014:

Cause and effect: What are polyps and IBS really from?

Your cleansing organs, like your kidneys, liver and pancreas, become overwhelmed with pesticides and GMO feed, like alfalfa and corn sugar, that the animals consumed their whole lives in their confined animal "feeding operations." And now you may need an "operation" to get the animal fat out from your veins and arteries, from your colon. Do you have polyps, IBS, colitis, ulcers, diverticulitis, acid reflux, Crohn's "disease" or all of the above? What about fibromyalgia? Guess what may be the problem? What did your gastroenterologist tell you? Are gastric juices running amuck inside you and causing health detriment? Why? Maybe it's the farm-raised shrimp? Let's take a look: TheGuardian.com.

For starters, you can't just "cook out" the chemicals and carcinogens in conventional meat, so if the animal lived in a CAFO and recieved artificial hormone injections, antibiotics to stave off E. coli or Salmonella, ate genetically modified feed, was depressed it's whole short life and was abused and possibly tortured before its death, then it really doesn't matter if it's red or white meat -- it's all one digestive nightmare. Plus, while your body is working SO HARD to get to those amino acids, your immune system is being tasked and taxed.

White meat, the other "red" meat

Humans were never meant to consume chemical food agents, fertilizers, pesticides or fungicides. We weren't meant to eat arsenic, mercury or insect DNA. The more pesticide we create in our gut, the less good flora we have, and the less enzymes "turn on" and do their job protecting our health. Conventional white meat and red meat and farm-raised fish contain pathogens, pesticides and medications. Don't be fooled by the "close by choice" swindle. Lay off the CAFO, GMO turkeys, cows, chickens, pigs and the "farm-raised" fish.

Finally, find organic food and get your proteins from a plant-based diet. Never believe the protein myth -- that you have to have MEAT to get your proper protein. Compare that protein to amounts in kale, spinach and quinoa, and never look back again. Remember, rotate your greens!

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