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Delaying routine vaccines does not increase seizure risk, but vaccinating does

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(NaturalNews) You might want to sit down for this: A new study found that delaying the MMR vaccine or MMR and varicella combo vaccine (MMRV) could increase your child's risk of getting a fever-related seizure.

This cohort "study" analyzed 323,247 vaccinated children to examine the association between the timing of childhood vaccinations and the first occurrence of a seizure. Surprise, surprise, the study attributed the seizures to the delayed schedule, not the MMR and MMRV vaccines.

Did anyone actually read this study?

This study analyzed vaccinated children only, was ironically conducted using the least popular vaccine (MMR) and the new combination MMRV monster vaccine, and did not take into account any subsequent doses of vaccines or address vaccines given simultaneously on the same day -- a common occurrence at any wellness checkup.

What the results of this study actually showed is that the MMR and MMRV vaccines cause seizures and are more likely to do so the older a child gets:

"[S]eizures are approximately twofold more likely to occur after MMRV versus MMR plus varicella vaccine, twofold more likely in 16- to 23-month-old children versus 12 to 15 months, and roughly fourfold more likely in older children who receive MMRV."

The occurrence of seizures couldn't possibly be due to vaccines, because "[i]t is known that the risk of seizure peaks at 16 to 18 months of life regardless of vaccination status." Where are the studies comparing rates of seizures between the vaccinated and unvaccinated populations?

Don't forgo the vaccinations; just vaccinate your kids sooner.

The media uses this study to say that vaccinating on schedule reduces one's chance of getting a high fever, which could lead to a seizure. Exactly how does getting the MMR vaccine protect against a fever caused by one of the many strains of flu virus?

Quite the leap considering that a fever is a common adverse reaction on both the MMR and MMRV package inserts. Do you know what else is listed as a possible adverse reaction on the package inserts of these vaccines? Seizures.

Its seems like any "study" these days will fly as scientific and credible if it promotes a vaccine. Unfortunately, the scientific community is grasping at straws and creating even bigger holes that we can all see through. The actual results of this study don't support the normal vaccination schedule; it supports a no-vaccine schedule.

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About the author:
Megan has a Bachelor''''s Degree in Political Science, a Juris Doctor, and is a Naturopath, Natural Health Educator, writer, parental rights advocate, and stay at home Mama. She blogs at www.LivingWhole.org, a site dedicated to teaching, encouraging, and empowering others to live, love, eat, serve, and raise their babes in unhindered, natural, and wholesome ways. Follow Megan on Facebook.

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