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French fried pesticide and the upcoming GMO potato


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(NaturalNews) Health enthusiasts all talk about the dangers of consuming genetically modified corn, soy, canola, cottonseed oil and sugar beets (MSG), but what about GM potatoes? Surely fast food French fries aren't just cooked in genetically mutated, hydrogenated oils but come from potatoes that are bred to resist blight fungus and other field "pests" right? Corporate America never leaves a stone unturned when it comes to saving money and investing in chronic sick care at the same time, so why would fast food fries be any different? Has the Franken-fry already invaded the likes of most fast food and we just don't know about it?

McDonald's is looking at making the switch, so what about the rest of the "kings" of junk science and the fried food addiction dispensers? Shall you supersize those pest-killing fries? What kind of fries are for sale so cheap, hot, fast and convenient off every major highway exit in America -- are they GMO? Did you know that GMO can make you create pesticide inside your gut? Your good bacteria that fight off infection might be getting annihilated and you don't even know. It's time to research this blight on humanity.

GMO potatoes resist late "blight" while they "blight" human health

Blight makes plants dry up and die. Fluoridated water makes humans "dry up and die." Pesticides and insecticides wreck the human central nervous system and deplete immunity, affecting the brain, as well as digestive and detoxification systems in the body. It is now a fact that scientists have developed a variety of "Desiree potatoes" that are resistant to late blight, the vegetable's biggest threat. This blight is a fungus that thrives in damp and humid conditions that often occur during the growing season in Europe. Some farmers spray fungicide up to 15 times per season to ward off the "disease." Trials for biotech's GM potatoes have been running for three years.

Basically, the biotech scientists add a gene to the "Desiree" potatoes that comes from a wild South American relative, but whether controlling blight with genetics or chemistry, it can be dangerous to human health, and the studies are starting to reveal that pesticide gene "insertion" is highly unpredictable and may lead to cancer. Though blight is a difficult and expensive pathogen to control, cancer is even more expensive and difficult to control. These GM potatoes are sterile, so will humans who eat them also become sterile? The farmers may pay more for the seed and less on fungicide, but aren't there ethics and morals involved in cutting costs and efficiency when producing food?

Sell the blight killer to America - they'll eat anything!

Inventors of the "blight killer" potato have licensed the technology to an American company by the name of Simplot, which of course, wants to grow them in the United States. Getting approval to grow or even trial test GMO anything in the U.S. is not very difficult, considering that Obama routinely puts former Monsanto VPs, lobbyists and scientists in charge of the FDA and the USDA. Since GM wheat has been illegally released into 16 states already, who's to say GM potatoes aren't growing everywhere unchecked? We don't even label GMOs in America yet, so why would anyone object or even check, especially when we're talking about fast food junk science addictions? Who is frying GM potatoes in GM cottonseed oil right now?

GMO is the real "fungus" among us, not potato blight

McDonald's french fry supplier, none other than J.R. Simplot, has been selling the chain fries since the mid-1960s. Simplot's "Innate" brand of GM potato is currently awaiting USDA approval. These gene "splices" supposedly reduce black bruising and produce less of the chemical acrylamide when fried. Acrylamide, of course, has been linked to cancer. So, does the genetic modification of potatoes reduce chemicals that cause cancer while adding in new genes that do cause cancer? That would be the ultimate oxymoron.

French fried pesticide

If you're guessing whether fast food french fries are GMO, stop now. Labeled or unlabeled, 90% of most staple vegetables, like corn and soy, and the modified hydrogenated oils are carcinogenic. The buns, the burgers and the chicken sandwiches are loaded with GMO. Apples and tomatoes too. The salad you get at the fast food outlets is void of nutrition, having been sprayed with pesticides and "washed" with fluoridated, chlorinated water. The salad dressings all have GMO oils in them. It's estimated that McDonald's buys more than 3 billion pounds of potatoes each year. How happy is that Happy Meal that's been altered in a lab to contain pesticides in every bite? How about the child eating it?

Cancer the fungus

Cancer is like a fungus. If you feed cancer more cancer causing food (mutagens) consistently, you die, as your organs get choked out by cancer's "webs" that feed off carcinogens and free radicals. Cancer needs fuel, and it get its "food" from chemical food agents and GMO. One new variety of GM potato could show up in Idaho as early as next year. It wasn't but about 12 years ago that consumers revolted against Monsanto's transgenic "NewLeaf" potato, which contained synthetic bacteria to kill insects. Are YOU an insect?

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