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Americans agree: Sugar, alcohol and tobacco are more dangerous than pot

Friday, March 21, 2014 by: L.J. Devon, Staff Writer
Tags: sugar, alcohol, marijuana

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(NaturalNews) If politicians and law enforcement are so eager to protect Americans from themselves, then they should break in and raid people's homes, taking their boxes of sugar cookies, sugar cereals and sugar jars instead, because, frankly, sugar is way more dangerous and addictive than pot. The American majority now agrees with this simple fact and is beginning to see right through the facade claiming that marijuana is a "dangerous gateway drug."

Poll shows that Americans now agree that sugar, alcohol and tobacco are more dangerous than pot

Americans also agree that tobacco and alcohol are more dangerous than pot. According to a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, Americans think that tobacco is the most dangerous (49%), followed by alcohol (24%), sugar (15%) and marijuana (8%). Of the 1,000 surveyed, only (3%) were confused and chose all the above, while (1%) were not sure.

Since tobacco, alcohol and sugar lead the way as being the most dangerous legal substances, why does the federal government classify marijuana as a Schedule I drug, just as dangerous as LSD and heroin and more dangerous than cocaine and Xanax?

Why does the DEA arm their SWAT teams and break in on those who are in possession of a very safe and potentially beneficial plant? No one is breaking down doors in search of cigarettes, which are loaded with a slew of toxic additives NOT found in marijuana.

So why are authorities raiding vehicles, breaking into homes, destroying lives and imprisoning people all over something so harmless? Why is nearly half the prison population in America (48%) made up of nonviolent drug offenders, many of whom are put there for something as frivolous as marijuana possession?

If you believe pot should be illegal, then soda, tobacco, alcohol and fast food should also be illegal and be classified as dangerous as heroin and LSD

In America's history, alcohol used to be treated like cannabis is today. During the prohibition era, starting in 1920, people caught possessing dangerous alcohol had their belongings confiscated and were arrested. Violence and gangs abounded. Americans finally woke up to their insanity and repealed prohibition in 1933.

Soon thereafter, though, a new era of prohibition arose, as the American majority became infiltrated with propaganda claiming that cannabis makes people go crazy and jump off buildings. As the deceit mounted, politicians and law enforcement began to sincerely believe they had a duty to protect Americans from themselves and the very dangerous cannabis plant. This same deluded thinking, if applied consistently, could be used to outlaw fast food, soda and donuts, because Americans cannot be trusted, right? (By the way, these junk foods are all more addictive and dangerous than marijuana.)

Ban the chemicals, not the plants

As marijuana prohibition continued down its long and arduous stretch, chemicals like Agent Orange, DDT, PCB and dioxin were manufactured and blasted onto people around the world, killing hundreds of thousands while disabling and destroying people's health. America became disillusioned in the wake of a chemical era of farming and food, illness and war.

Cannabis prohibition era fading away

While many authoritarians today still don't understand the big picture, the majority of America is waking up from its stupor. The spying on people's social media profiles, the violations against people's personal property and privacy, the raiding, the blaming, the court time, the jail time -- all over something as harmless as cannabis -- will slowly fade away and be remembered as a disdainful way of treating one's fellow man.

While cannabis's medical benefits are being brought to the light, many users cling to its medical definition just to enjoy its recreational high. While continual and excessive use may be overprioritized by some, the plant surely has its place, its benefits. While cannabis is often praised as natural medicine, proponents fail to see the miracles of other natural healing powerhouses like chlorella (which protects the body from mercury), blueberries (which protect the brain from cadmium) or Siberian ginseng (which can restore the endocrine system of the human body).

Most importantly, the war against natural healing is slowly fading away as the demonization of cannabis dissolves. More Americans are realizing that food ingredients like sugar, corn syrups, yoga mat chemicals in bread and artificial sweeteners like aspartame are more dangerous than pot.

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