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Obama administration to ditch CGI Federal as Healthcare.gov developer

Tuesday, January 14, 2014 by: L.J. Devon, Staff Writer
Tags: Healthcare.gov, CGI Federal, insurance exchanges

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(NaturalNews) The federal government continues to struggle with implementing its new forced insurance law. Incapable of getting a website to function, federal intervention proves once again to be wasting people's time and money. Not only are countless reports surfacing of rising insurance costs under the "affordable care act," but the law is also morally and fundamentally flawed to its core.

Rooted in theft

Rooted in theft, this law allows the federal government to take another portion of American's wages via the IRS if they do not follow federal orders. This kind of coercion and force is not promoting healthcare. Instead, it's forcing a set of "healthcare" beliefs onto practically everyone by taking their money and bailing out specific industries.

Subsidizing unnecessary medical intervention

Services being subsidized under the new law include, but are not limited to, the heavy metal vaccine industry, the mind altering psychiatric drugging industry and the population birth control industry, among others.

These modern day industries are not needed in a healthy and free society that studies and practices proper nutrition.

Sadly, these are the industries catered to, and these are the values permeating the federal government at this point in history. As morally flawed as it is, the Affordable Care Act will persist in some form going forward and stumble along as Americans adapt to its treachery.

As the mandated insurance exchanges limp along, the Obama administration is now planning to ditch its original website developer, CGI Federal, hoping to develop a new website that actually works.

CGI Federal replaced with scandalous new developer

CGI Federal, blamed for numerous glitches and missed deadlines, is taking the fall for the failed federal insurance exchanges and the tumultuous online rollout of the mandates.

The firm will not be accepting its two-year maintenance contract for the Healthcare.gov website. Instead, a familiar developer will be brought in, bearing its own history of scandal.

The new developer, Accenture, has worked on several large state projects in the past and was even hired by the federal government in 2011. That federal project was tainted with its own multimillion dollars of waste and scandals. In fact, in 2011, Accenture paid $63.7 million to settle a federal whistle-blower lawsuit. Accenture was convicted of "receiving kickbacks for its recommendations of hardware and software to the government," in which they "fraudulently inflated prices and rigged bids in connection with federal information technology contracts."

Interestingly enough, these guys are going to be the new website developers.

The federal government gets off the hook wasting $90 million on incompetent website developer

When government waste is commonplace, a chunk of $90 million doesn't seem like a whole lot, but that was the amount plucked from Americans' pocketbooks in 2013 for the wasteful delegation of the insurance mandate website.

A frustrated CGI reported of infighting with the Department of Health and Human Services. This was further compounded by slow and incompetent decisions by government officials and numerous changes to the system and the website.

It's like the whole system is being made up on the fly, as people in government positions slap the pieces together every day, hoping to make the mandates come alive.

Americans should know that there's a problem with their country when the federal government starts rolling out laws that take years and millions of dollars to implement and put together.

The truth is - laws this large, wasteful and forceful will never serve people. They will only take from the people.

For real healthcare, Americans must start thinking outside of the television, which primarily brainwashes everyone with pharmaceutical drug ads and cancer fears.

Maybe the tumultuous rollout of the Affordable Care Act will help people look elsewhere for real healthcare. Maybe in its travesty, it will inspire people to dig a little deeper, deeper into the earth for healing, deeper into creation, deeper into the synergy of plants and minerals and algae, and nuts, seeds, fruits and berries.

I know for a fact that I won't be waiting for a fully functioning Healthcare.gov to be developed.
I'll continue walking steadfast, on a completely different path of abundant health and whole food, superfood insurance.

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