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Saving Victoria''s Breasts

The connection between oral pathology and the development of cancer

Sunday, October 27, 2013 by: B. Pierson
Tags: Saving Victoria''s Breasts, oral pathology, cancer

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(NaturalNews) In a book entitled Saving Victoria's Breasts, author Fred Hughes exposes the horrible abuse that one woman had to suffer at the hands of the cancer industry. He also explores the various reasons that cancer appears in the body and how one can treat and prevent it. The subject of his book, Victoria Case, is a brave, health conscious woman who fought boldly against her cancer and the medical system that only exacerbated her health issues.

Victoria had suffered from metal sensitivity all her life. She first noticed it when she pierced her ears at the age of 15. Cheap earrings would cause her earlobes to become inflamed, but she seemed to be able to wear 14-carat gold or sterling silver earrings just fine. That same year, she also had her first root canal.

A root canal is an operation wherein the dentist drills into a tooth, destroying the sensitive network of nerves and blood vessels known as the pulp, fills up the hole and puts a metal crown on top. One of the most popular filling compounds is silver amalgam, which contains 50% or more of mercury in addition to copper, tin, silver and zinc, all of which can be toxic.

Dr. Boyd Haley, former chairman of the chemistry department of the University of Kentucky, says that the ADA has never tested whether amalgam fillings release mercury.

After her root canal operation, an unsightly red spot appeared on Victoria's upper lip, which she has since had to live with. When she was 19, she received an intrauterine device, a contraceptive, which contained stainless steel. Her body reacted adversely to the metal and she began having cramps, constant vaginal discharges, chronic infection and a loss of appetite. The device was removed six months later. Victoria also noticed she would get a rash on her arm when wearing a stainless steel watch.

As an adult, Victoria wore braces and would often get a rash on her face that would go away when her orthodontist changed the wire. After the braces, she had to trade in her retainer, because the first one they gave her caused her eyes and mouth to constantly dry out.

From Saving Victoria's Breasts by Fred Hughes:

"The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reports that more than 75% of adults over age 35 suffer from some type of periodontal (gum) disease - an oral infection. It has long been known that people with diseased gums are at higher risk of heart disease. The last few years have brought a rash of studies suggesting periodontal disease is also related to other serious diseases, one in particular.

"In a study published September 18, 2012, in GUT (International Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology), researchers identified particular types of mouth bacteria, some of which are found in gum disease, and concluded that the presence of these microbes may double your risk of pancreatic cancer."

It has been known for hundreds of years in traditional Chinese medicine that the mouth is connected to the body's overall health. Over time, these "connections" have been mapped in the Tooth Meridian Chart.

Victoria was shocked when she found out she had breast cancer, she did, after all, make sure to practice a healthy lifestyle since her youth. She was confused and struggling to make sense of it all until she read Hughes' first book, Am I Dead... or do I just feel like it. That book taught her about the connection between oral pathology and chronic disease. Hughes also explains the use of thermal imaging to detect infections and cancer without the harmful effects of radiation.

In 2009, Victoria had a thermographic scan of her face done, which showed she had an infection in the tooth she had a root canal on 41 years earlier. Six months later, she had the tooth extracted and was surprised to find that the tip of the file the dentist had used had broken off in her tooth and had been lodged in her jaw bone since 1968.

Knowing her history of metal sensitivity, Victoria realized that the red dot on her lip was a reaction to the broken file tip. But worse than that, the metal and the infection in her tooth had been chronically poisoning her for most of her life.

It is estimated that one million patients each year leave a dentist's office with a broken file tip in their jaw.

According to Consumers for Dental Choice, dentists use "silver" amalgam fillings with mercury because they are cheap and profitable. "Amalgams are quick and easy," they say. "Dentists make more money per chair per day implanting mercury. For factory-style dentistry, where the teeth represent dollar signs instead of part of a human being, dentists drill, fill, and bill."

The toxic metals in fillings, some of them containing barium or lead, could possibly leak into the blood stream. Most root canal fillings cannot fill the millions of microscopic tubules in the tooth. Bacteria can fill these empty spaces and, in a dead, cut-off tooth, begin to grow anaerobically and produce harmful toxins.

Antibiotics are useless against this type of infection, because blood no longer flows to the tooth. All these toxins leach out into the jawbone and then spread throughout the body via the blood stream. These toxins can then accumulate somewhere, along the corresponding Tooth Meridian, according to Hughes, where it can build up, affecting cells in the region and eventually causing a tumor to form.

Infections at a root canal tooth are not easily detected by X-ray. That's why it is recommended that people with problems undergo thermal imaging.

Like all health concerns, cancer is caused by something. The source can be radiation, harmful foods or chemicals, smoking, stress or toxins from a root canal and infections. The cure is to treat the source, not the symptom. It has long been known that overall health depends on good oral health. It is time that we cure ourselves with what we already know and have. It is time to educate ourselves about oral pathology.

To learn more about thermography and how oral pathology causes disease, read Fred Hughes' Am I Dead... or do I just feel like it. Also, be sure to read Saving Victoria's Breasts to learn Victoria's full story detailing her fight against breast cancer and the awful secrets the cancer industry doesn't want you to know.

Sources used in this article include:

Hughes, Fred. Saving Victoria's Breasts. Victoria Case, LLC, 2013. Print.

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