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Chlorella supplementation

Women: Chlorella supplementation reduces risk of anemia, edema and proteinuria during pregnancy

Saturday, October 26, 2013 by: L.J. Devon, Staff Writer
Tags: chlorella supplementation, pregnant women, health risks

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(NaturalNews) When a woman becomes pregnant, her body begins to produce extra blood for a developing fetus. Pregnant women are advised to supplement with iron, folate and vitamin B12 during pregnancy to help with red blood cell count and nutrition levels. Low levels of these vitamins and minerals are what make pregnant women feel weak and tired as her body begins accommodating the new baby inside.

One answer for low iron, folate, and vitamin B12 levels is chlorella supplementation. This green algae is perfect for pregnant women, welcoming blood-building, vascular-strengthening whole food nutritional powers.

Three common conditions pregnant women face: anemia, edema and proteinuria

Three common problems women face as their body begins accommodating new life are anema, edema and proteinuria. Without the right nutrition, these conditions may persist.

Anemia means "lack of blood" and is characterized by a decreased level of red blood cells or a low level of hemoglobin in the blood. (Hemoglobin is the substance inside red blood cells that carries oxygen from lungs to capillaries.) When the body is low in this area, organs don't get enough oxygen for survival. This can lead to irritability and fatigue. By supplementing with iron, the human body can generate more red blood cells and oxygenate organs more efficiently.

Edema means that there is excess fluid collecting in tissues. During pregnancy, this kind of swelling occurs as the body retains water in the tissues. Women are prone to edema mostly during the third trimester, when the growing uterus pressures the pelvic veins and the large vein that travels from the lower limbs to the heart. The stressed, slow return of blood from the lower limbs to the heart forces fluid from the veins to the tissues of the lower extremities, causing swelling in the ankles and feet.

Proteinuria means that the urine has an abnormal amount of protein. This condition is signified by higher than normal concentrations of albumin in the urine. Albumin is the main protein in the blood, helping blood clot, protecting from infection and regulating fluid levels in the body. Proteinuria is the result of inflamed kidneys that are leaking the protein from the blood, through the kidney filters and into the urine.

How chlorella helps pregnant women with all three blood conditions

A population study investigating the effects of chlorella on pregnant women's blood was conducted at the Saiseikai Nara Hospital in Nara, Japan.

In order to see the beneficial effects of nutrition up close, the researchers gave one group of pregnant Japanese women chlorella supplements and another group no supplements at all.
The large quantity of folate, iron and vitamin B12 in the chlorella was intended to improve anemic conditions in the pregnant women. 38 women were placed in a control group, and another 32 were given 6 grams of chlorella daily for seven weeks during a gestation period between the 12th and 18th weeks.

In the second and third trimesters, proportions of anemia, measured by hemoglobin level, were significantly lower in the chlorella-supplemented group. The proportion of women with edema was also significantly lower in the chlorella-supplemented group. Not only that, but heart and kidney function was better overall in the chlorella group, with protein levels in urine at a natural state.

As the researchers put together their findings, they brought forth obvious conclusions, stating, "Chlorella supplementation significantly reduces the risk of pregnancy associated anemia, proteinuria, and edema." Furthermore, chlorella is "a useful resource of natural folate, vitamin B12 and iron for pregnant women."

Women seeking a healthy pregnancy should consider clean chlorella as a source of healthy nutrition for them and their baby.

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