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Strategy shifts away from defunding Obamacare to simply allowing it to self-destruct

Sunday, October 13, 2013
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Editor of NaturalNews.com (See all articles...)
Tags: defunding Obamacare, collapse, nightmare scenario

Defunding Obamacare

(NaturalNews) Alex Jones posed a question to me during an appearance on his live radio show Friday. The question was whether those of us opposed to Obamacare should stop trying to politically defund the project and simply stand back and let the thing self-destruct on its own. Now that Healthcare.gov has been exposed as being written in disastrously bad computer code requiring years to repair, any attempt by Republicans to interfere with the funding of the system will only cause the inevitable implosion of it to be blamed on them.

Far better to stand back, the thinking now goes, and let Obama fully "own" the disastrous Obamacare crash that's now a certainty.

Thirty-six states use the Healthcare.gov online exchange, and as we've covered here on Natural News, the underlying computer code powering Healthcare.gov is absolutely nightmarish in its ineptitude. Myself, John McAfee and many other highly-experienced computer experts have all gone public with our assertions that Healthcare.gov has a near-zero chance of functioning smoothly by January 1, 2014, the deadline when Americans are supposed to have purchased insurance or face IRS fines.

The realization that Healthcare.gov can't possibly function by January 1 means, in essence, Republicans have already won the battle over Obamacare if they could only manage not to somehow get blamed for the impending collapse of it. Given that Democrats have a near-monopoly over the mainstream media, however, Republicans will be blamed by default no matter what goes wrong.

The usual suspects in government have so far failed to admit to the existence of any real problems underlying Healthcare.gov. HHS secretary Kathleen Sebelius, reaching new heights of delusional thinking, even says the site is "open for business!" Indeed, it's open for business in precisely the same way that a brand-new 100-story hotel with no plumbing, no electricity and no toilets is open for business.

A particular insightful article on Real Clear Politics is calling for Sebelius to be fired. Even Sen. Roberts is now openly calling for Sebelius to be fired, as you can see in his announcement here:

Under Obama, incompetence gets you promoted!

In the Obama administration, incompetence only gets you promoted. Sebelius is likely to be promoted to an even more powerful position in an administration that values operatives who can maximize the destruction of the U.S. economy and its people. There is zero accountability for this $600+ million project, and there is zero competition because the entire system is founded on a government monopoly enforced, essentially, at gunpoint by the government itself.

Sebelius now has the most absurd job in America. Her job is now to go on live interviews and tell Americans that new junker Volkswagon they just bought -- the one with the burned-out engine, three missing wheels and a rusted frame -- is actually a high-performance Ferrari humming down the road at 180mph like a well-oiled masterpiece of a machine. The mental gymnastics Sebelius must be going through right now to be able to claim with a straight face that Healthcare.gov is working would make a circus contortionist blush.

Sebelius does not seem to be at all concerned about the frightening fact that every single American can simply log on to Healthcare.gov and see the critical failures for themselves, in great contrast to the desperate spin she's flinging across the airwaves as if no one would notice. Yep, Obamacare is working great! And if you're stupid enough to believe that, keep voting democrat!

If Healthcare.gov is "open for business," then I must be an idiot for running NaturalNews.com on servers that actually function. Apparently, I could be just as successful by modeling Kathleen Sebelius and building a massive, multi-million-dollar website that breaks the first moment someone actually tries to use it. Then I could claim it's "so popular that the stampede of interest crushed the website" and thereby mirror the success strategy of Healthcare.gov.

Come January, doctors, clinics and hospitals are going to be facing a true "nightmare scenario" for patient intake and billing

On September 25th, days before the Healthcare.gov launch -- and at a time when virtually the entire nation was confident the launch would go smoothly -- I publicly predicted the disaster in a Natural News article, saying:

In just a few days, the nation is going to find out just what a mess Obamacare really is. October 1 is the day the so-called "Obamacare exchanges" are supposed to be open for business. It's also the day when the train wreck really begins, so expect all sorts of glitches, failures, privacy breaches and other electronic problems to appear.

Now let me make a new prediction: Beginning January 1, hospitals, clinics and doctors' offices will be facing a "nightmare scenario" in trying to handle patients who think they have enrolled in Obamacare. The only functionality really working right now on Healthcare.gov is the "create an account" function which is essentially an email registration process. Because of the widespread brain damage the public has endured from vaccines, heavy metals, toxic chemicals and water fluoridation, millions of people across America will believe they are now "enrolled" in Obamacare, and they will show up at hospitals and clinics, demanding free health care as promised by Obama during his campaign hypnosis speeches.

In reality, these people have no insurance because the Healthcare.gov exchange absolutely will not be working as planned by January 1, meaning few people will actually be able to enroll in anything. Since hospitals and clinics will be reluctant to physically turn patients away, the Obamacare billing nightmare is going to get dumped in their laps.

I predict that by February or March of next year, the U.S. health care system will be in a state of near-revolt over the Obamacare fiasco. They will be screaming for government to solve the problem, oblivious to the reality that government caused the problem in the first place and therefore is incapable of solving it.

And then you will have the kind of event that could rewrite the laws of physics: The infinite corruption of the medical industry colliding with the unlimited incompetence of the Obama administration. Hopefully, they will annihilate each other in a silent implosion, departing the universe with a whimper, not a bang.

What will happen when Obamacare totally crashes?

The number of days the U.S. federal empire has remaining before it collapses is unknown, but the inevitability of such an event is certain. The fall of Obamacare may be the final straw in the collapse of the federal empire, resulting in the dissolution of the "united" states America and resulting in states or regions breaking apart from the disastrous federal system and becoming their own independent republics.

As I mentioned in a previous article, this is exactly what happened to the U.S.S.R. in 1991. The fall of the Soviet Union was entirely unexpected, yet sudden. And when it was over, twelve new republics had declared their sovereignty.

Every conscious person in America now sees the writing on the wall. Obama has spent the nation into debt oblivion. The promised land of affordable health care for all has crashed and burned. The insanity of Washington D.C. and all its corruption, waste and criminality is intolerable. Thanks to Obama, we now have nearly 50 million people on food stamps, and we have a significant portion of the population that subsists entirely on government welfare handouts. The IRS, FDA, EPA, FTC, DEA, DHS and TSA are all run by the criminally insane. Government exists only to serve its own interests, not to serve the People. America as a nation is now dysfunctional and unsustainable.

At the same time, the American empire is hated everywhere around the world. In fact, China has just openly called for the "de-Americanization" of the world, rightly pointing out that America is a "hypocritical nation run by a dysfunctional government."

Thanks to the war mongering stance of both Bush and Obama, most of the world vehemently hates America and its imperial interventionism. Domestically, the vast majority of American voters also hate Washington D.C. and its utter incompetence and arrogance. The outrage against the blatant constitutional violations of Obamacare is loud and sustained. Americans don't like to be told what to buy at gunpoint, it seems, and there is an "attitude of revolt" already spreading like wildfire across the minds of the American people.

These are the brushfires that can turn into a firestorm of revolt. We are one trigger event away from a nationwide revolution against tyranny and incompetence with the ultimate result of restoring freedom and justice for the People who once made this nation great.

I'm also going to go away out on a limp and make a long-shot public prediction right here that the first elected President of the Republic of Texas will be none other than Ted Cruz, and that Texas will be the first new republic to declare its sovereignty from federal rule.

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About the author:Mike Adams (aka the "Health Ranger") is a best selling author (#1 best selling science book on Amazon.com) and a globally recognized scientific researcher in clean foods. He serves as the founding editor of NaturalNews.com and the lab science director of an internationally accredited (ISO 17025) analytical laboratory known as CWC Labs. There, he was awarded a Certificate of Excellence for achieving extremely high accuracy in the analysis of toxic elements in unknown water samples using ICP-MS instrumentation. Adams is also highly proficient in running liquid chromatography, ion chromatography and mass spectrometry time-of-flight analytical instrumentation.

Adams is a person of color whose ancestors include Africans and Native American Indians. He's also of Native American heritage, which he credits as inspiring his "Health Ranger" passion for protecting life and nature against the destruction caused by chemicals, heavy metals and other forms of pollution.

Adams is the founder and publisher of the open source science journal Natural Science Journal, the author of numerous peer-reviewed science papers published by the journal, and the author of the world's first book that published ICP-MS heavy metals analysis results for foods, dietary supplements, pet food, spices and fast food. The book is entitled Food Forensics and is published by BenBella Books.

In his laboratory research, Adams has made numerous food safety breakthroughs such as revealing rice protein products imported from Asia to be contaminated with toxic heavy metals like lead, cadmium and tungsten. Adams was the first food science researcher to document high levels of tungsten in superfoods. He also discovered over 11 ppm lead in imported mangosteen powder, and led an industry-wide voluntary agreement to limit heavy metals in rice protein products.

In addition to his lab work, Adams is also the (non-paid) executive director of the non-profit Consumer Wellness Center (CWC), an organization that redirects 100% of its donations receipts to grant programs that teach children and women how to grow their own food or vastly improve their nutrition. Through the non-profit CWC, Adams also launched Nutrition Rescue, a program that donates essential vitamins to people in need. Click here to see some of the CWC success stories.

With a background in science and software technology, Adams is the original founder of the email newsletter technology company known as Arial Software. Using his technical experience combined with his love for natural health, Adams developed and deployed the content management system currently driving NaturalNews.com. He also engineered the high-level statistical algorithms that power SCIENCE.naturalnews.com, a massive research resource featuring over 10 million scientific studies.

Adams is well known for his incredibly popular consumer activism video blowing the lid on fake blueberries used throughout the food supply. He has also exposed "strange fibers" found in Chicken McNuggets, fake academic credentials of so-called health "gurus," dangerous "detox" products imported as battery acid and sold for oral consumption, fake acai berry scams, the California raw milk raids, the vaccine research fraud revealed by industry whistleblowers and many other topics.

Adams has also helped defend the rights of home gardeners and protect the medical freedom rights of parents. Adams is widely recognized to have made a remarkable global impact on issues like GMOs, vaccines, nutrition therapies, human consciousness.

In addition to his activism, Adams is an accomplished musician who has released over a dozen popular songs covering a variety of activism topics.

Click here to read a more detailed bio on Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, at HealthRanger.com.

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