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Secret Obama-hatched trade deals TPP and TAFTA would allow Monsanto to outlaw GMO labeling worldwide

Saturday, September 21, 2013 by: Jonathan Benson, staff writer
Tags: trade agreements, Monsanto, GMO labeling

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(NaturalNews) There is a sinister agenda currently in motion to hand over control of the entire world's food supply to Monsanto and various other evil corporations under the guise of "free trade." And this villainous plot, which the mainstream media will most likely never tell you about, was hatched back in 2009 by none other than the current usurper-in-chief, Barack Obama, who, as you may recall, blatantly lied while on the campaign trail about this very issue, pretending to be opposed to such fascist abominations when he actually supports them.

Known jointly as the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA), these two stealth trade agreements, which are currently in the process of being sold by the sitting administration to foreign governments, would make it difficult, if not impossible, for genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) to be labeled anywhere in the world. This is due to the fact that these agreements are intended to harmonize the current U.S. model, which allows GMOs to be secretly added to food without labeling or public oversight, with the rest of the world.

According to an extensive report recently published by HangTheBankers.com, TPP, which was created by the Office of the United States Trade Representative outside of the law and with absolutely no public accountability, would not only make it illegal to label GMOs anywhere in the world but also force signing countries to drop their bans on GMOs. An increasing number of countries in South America, Europe and elsewhere have implemented bans on GMOs in recent years.

Beyond this, countries that sign on to TPP would be forced to allow planting of GMOs, as well as coalesce with the demands of biotechnology companies like Monsanto that want to secretly add GMOs to the food supply. In other words, the outlandish GMO policies of the U.S., which serve the interests of private corporations at the expense of the people, would be exported globally and implemented as part of a radical new world order.

"What we know about the TPP has only come from leaks, as the full text of the entire agreement is being kept not only from Congress but also the American people," explains the HangTheBankers.com report. "Yet over 600 corporate CEOs -- including CEOs of companies that have been repeatedly found guilty of felony crimes in America -- have been allowed to influence details of the TPP agreements."

TPP would also eliminate the ability of generic drug manufacturers to produce less expensive "copycat" drugs, as this cuts into the profits of the major drug companies that, in conjunction with the Obama administration, are behind the corrupt crafting of TPP. Additionally, as pointed out by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, TPP, in its currently proposed form, would harm online freedom of speech, privacy rights, due process and innovation.

You can read the full, shocking HangTheBankers.com report here:

The people need to rise up as one and put a stop to both TPP and TAFTA

TPP specifically targets Asian countries, while its counterpart, TAFTA, which also goes by the name Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, targets the European Union. Together, these two Obama-hatched, Trojan Horse agreements seek world domination for a few select corporations, a diabolical scheme that is the complete antithesis of what Obama claimed he supported while trying to buy votes.

Both TPP and TAFTA must be stopped, but the only way to make this happen is to spread the word about their existence to family and friends and collectively demand that even the most corrupt representatives in Congress oppose their passage. After all, not even they are being told what these agreements will actually accomplish, which means they have no business allowing them to ever be passed.

The advocacy group Food Democracy Now has created an online petition that seeks to stop both TPP and TAFTA dead in their tracks. You can access that petition here:

But in all honesty, it will likely take a lot more than an online petition to stop these traitorous agreements from taking effect. It is time for the people to begin organizing and joining together to stage events like public protests and walkouts. It is time to take real action to sever the lifeblood of the beast and reclaim our freedoms.

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