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Cancer explosion

Fortifying the explosion of cancer - A study

Friday, September 20, 2013 by: S. D. Wells
Tags: cancer explosion, food fortification, processed foods

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(NaturalNews) Some things in nature simply work, because they are a part of a whole, an integral part and some specific function which contributes to the underlying naturalistic state. The word "fortified," when referring to food, is often misleading because people are led to believe that food scientists simply "add back in" some vitamins by magically "inserting" them into food that "needs nutritional help." This fortification can create the exact opposite effect and cause damage to the human body, which often cannot assimilate these "individual"and separate fortifications. How many foods are "fortified" with things your body can't even use, and even worse, contain synthetic additives that wreak havoc on your cells? Since cancer is the mutation of cells that multiply and divide uncontrollably, this form of food and vitamin "processing" is adding to the cancer "explosion" we see taking place in the U.S., where every third person is fighting the "c" word right now.

The English dictionary defines "fortified" as "to strengthen (a place) with defensive works so as to protect it against attack"; e.g., "The whole town was heavily fortified." So if we put this into "action" with food, it sounds like we're getting a real boost of immunity with every bite! So what are people really "fortifying" when they're eating GMO corn flakes and drinking hormone-laden milk? Could it be cancer? (http://www.naturalnews.com)

Corporations often make WILD nutritional claims about junk food and get away with it, like most cereal after they "fortify" it and add back in some DEAD vitamins. To the contrary, live organic herbs, tinctures and healing foods that REALLY do help you get healthy and stay healthy cannot legally state those truths. Why? FDA regulations prevent it. Why? The answer is that there's not much money to be made off healthy folk. Bottom line: JUNK science makes things worse. Ask yourself right now, "What part of my daily intake is 'fortified' with a lie, with a hoax, with food and vitamins my body can't use and fights to expel?" (http://agriculturesociety.com)

The Great Fortification Hoax

Take an inside look at some typical characteristics of fortified foods. This is where you find the synthetic "Trojan horses" of the food industry, showing up in places you thought were safe:

• Fortified foods are often sold in boxes, cans, plastic or foil wrap or artificial containers.

• They are heavily advertised - many companies who sell these foods spend more on advertising budgets than on food quality.

• They are often altered from their original state - some type of chemical alteration like heat (such as boiling), pressure (pulsing), oxidation, osmotic inhibition (use of syrups), ultra high water pressure (a type of pasteurization) or toxin inhibition (such as smoking, use of carbon dioxide).

• Synthetic and isolated nutrients are added that are not naturally occurring.

Fortified iodized salt is bad!

One of the first foods to become fortified was salt. Iodized salt was first introduced in 1924 in Michigan. As scientists began to study the importance of nutrients, minerals and micro-nutrients in health, they began creating synthetic forms of these elements in laboratories for application in foods; however, this reductionist approach disregards the necessity of the elements in their natural state in whole foods, which is the only place where synergistic complexes that are necessary for health can be found. After World War II, more than half of the food for sale in America was processed, and the scientists figured out exactly what additives, preservatives and "fortifiers" helped Big Pharma get bigger. Fast forward to today.

Fortifying disease and illness

Although discussions in health communities about "nutrient toxicity" and warnings of "overdoses" are abundant, the vast differences between synthetic nutrients produced in a laboratory and real nutrients in whole foods are seldom discussed. When people consume artificially produced vitamins and minerals, the risk of overdose and toxicity increases exponentially. Why is that? Nutrients contained in whole foods from nature are balanced correctly, and overdosing from those important elements would be nearly impossible. Here is where "fortified" fools the mainstream consumers. "To quantify nutrient amounts in an artificial supplement to meet a "minimum daily requirement" where those elements are without their co-factors and naturally-occurring enzymes is a health disaster waiting to happen." (http://agriculturesociety.com)

The bottom line is that "in order for the human body to recognize and use nutrients, they cannot be produced artificially in a lab and isolated to be added into foods where they do not normally occur." The key words here are "recognize and use," not fortify and confuse.

Cereal and milk both "fortified" synthetically

Cereal and milk are two of the best examples of fortified foods. Most boxed cereals are produced through a process called extrusion, where grains are forced through a small hole in a machine and then subjected to high temperatures. The grains are then fortified with synthetic nutrients to "replace" what was lost during processing. Milk goes through a similar process. It is heated or pasteurized to kill harmful bacteria, but as this occurs, good bacteria and vitamins are also denatured or compromised. Denatured is defined as to "take away or alter the natural qualities of." Yet the outlandish claim about pasteurization that nutrients are not significantly destroyed is still made. So then, if that's the case, why fortify with vitamin D? This is done to trick the general public into believing the food is good for them and gives them the chance to keep their customers for life. You see, synthetic vitamin D cannot be properly assimilated into the human body without many other co-factors and enzymes, including vitamin A, all of which are damaged during pasteurization. There is plenty of scientific evidence about this lack of REAL vitamin D adversely affecting your DNA and overall health. (http://www.naturalnews.com)

Organic Consumers warns people against synthetic vitamins, as they build up in the fat tissues, fat deposits and the liver. In fortified milk, you may not know even how much synthetic vitamin D you are getting. Plus, who's adding up all the hormones you are consuming? (http://www.naturalnews.com) Are those fortifying your blood and your "immunity?" If you must drink milk, consider organic or raw fresh milk. (http://www.naturalnews.com)

Stay informed, not "fortified"

A fortified food is always a processed food, because processed foods are those that are altered from their naturally occurring states. Food companies produce processed and fortified foods to extend the shelf-life of products, but it shortens human life. It's all about the money! Plus, synthetic foods usually contain the cheapest ingredients and are available just about anywhere. Incessant advertising and marketing of the lowest quality foods fuel the epidemics of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer's. The good news is that you have the power of choice! Keep your body healthy. Shop wisely. Watch for hoaxes and myths and stay tuned to the organic world of whole food. Don't fall for the fortification hoax. (http://programs.webseed.com)

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