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All aboard the Obamanation Titantic - It's time for the Obamacare disease cruise!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013 by: S. D. Wells
Tags: Obamacare, toxic food, chronic disease

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(NaturalNews) We are all witnessing the Obamanation Administration force-feeding the rest of the world our cancer food. In fact, take a big guess what the biggest money maker is right now for the U.S. Government? And survey says .... yes, you guessed it, GMOs, genetically modified food! Most people would guess the "Industrial War Complex" in the Middle East, Wall Street insider trading, Big Pharma, or maybe Bill Gates and McDonald's, but they would be wrong. Genetically modified food is making the most money by making humans sick, and more so than anything ever besieged on a population in the history of mankind. This sickness is driving 85% of Americans to allopathic doctors who prescribe chemical and lab-made synthetic pharmaceuticals, originally created by Nazi scientists for American entities more than 6 decades ago.

Obama has three years left to completely ruin the world's conventional food supply and he is working very hard to get there right now. If you didn't know already, population control is part of the agenda, including investments with Bill Gates. Under the guise of helping third world countries with vaccines and food, population control (reduction) and eugenics (white supremacist theory renamed) are well under way. (http://www.infowars.com) Bill Gates, Monsanto, and Barrack are working in tandem on this global project, and it's not complicated, it's actually very simple and very evil. Research shows GMO food causes cancer, and most cancer treatments are toxic and destroy human immune systems. This is all just a part of the vaccine agenda. Research also shows Monsanto's pesticide and herbicide cause central nervous system disorders, leading to mental disorders, driving the Big Pharma Cartel in America, in which politicians are heavily invested.

Eliminating laws that hinder Obama "sick care mandates" is the number one HIDDEN MOTIVE of the GMO "Obamanation" and "Un-affordable" Care Act. We are living in an abomination where most food is carcinogenic. Big Food and Big Agriculture reign supreme, and "free trade" now means "Partners in Crime." (http://www.naturalnews.com)

TV, Obama, and lots of GMO Lies

What is the "Obamanation Nation" in store for next? Obamacare and GMO's are being forced on the masses without any laws to stop them, without any checks and balances, and without any regulatory agencies that aren't already "bought out" or replaced with lobbyists and former CEO's of Biotech companies. This includes the Supreme Court, where many Justices bounce back and forth from Big Pharma and Biotech companies to their commanding positions in Government. (http://www.infowars.com)

Nutrition is not part of the plan, only its elimination from the equation is. The mass media is scripted this way and is meant to keep the general public in the dark, making choices within the constructs of a hopeless chronic care, symptom cover-up plan that adds to the chemical disorders, diseases, and ultimately, the politicians' pocket books. Have you been hypnotized by the mainstream media? You can take a simple test and find out: (http://www.naturalnews.com)

The Empire Strikes Again!

Here comes the worst health care system that has ever been created, about to be enforced on every U.S. citizen, except Congress, in less than 5 months. Obamacare is domestic "terror." You want to see the war on terror end? Vote these clowns out of office and the ones who ran "against them" last year. They're one in the same. Obamacarelessness - it's the beast that lurks around the corner. It's the abominable snowman. It's Sasquatch! Yes, the Empire Strikes Again. The Imperial Healthcare NSA/HHS Mass Surveillance HUB comes into effect next year, my friends. The IRS enforced chemical care program is coming like an avalanche. You heard about the fiscal cliff, this is the health cliff. Get on the cruise boat that's sinking. Get ready for the BIG TRAIN WRECK: (http://www.naturalnews.com)

Besides a system that uses chemicals to treat chemically caused disorders, the whole plan is "genetically modified" to injure humans, to send them to the Big Pharma doctors, and this is the top secret "investment strategy." Drug manufacturers, lobbyists, most oncologists, surgeons and yes, Congressmen have their lute invested in hedge funds, in hospital equipment manufacturers, and they have stock in chemo treatments and drugs, and of course, the great wide world of processed, altered food. These are the hot stocks on Wall Street and these are the best "backed securities" of Washington D.C., where legislation is written to support sickness, to open the doors for BAD FOOD, by design.

What intelligent person on the planet doesn't know that if you eat pesticide and weed killer all day you die of cancer before you're 55? What intelligent person doesn't know that if you drink water from the tap in America, you lose your mind, if you even make it to 75? How stupid are the masses? Dumb enough to vote for a two party system that's a one party system, with most of the same investments - Wall Street, Big Pharma, Biotech and toxic home loans. Sell it all to the Chinese and buy a small island to retire on! Isn't that the grand plan?

Basically, everyone will be stuck with Obamacare except Congress and the filthy rich. "Ain't no politician in the U.S." that wants Uncle Sam and the IRS in charge of their healthcare, their new medical/weapons/cash holdings audit! Nope. Don't want that Obamacare breathin' down their throats when they lose their seat in Washington. Congress has exempted themselves from Obamacare. Yes, the "Big Guns" want nothing to do with chronic sick care. It's truly an "Obama-nation." (http://www.naturalnews.com)

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