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U.S. military

U.S. military veteran describes how vaccines made service members sick

Thursday, August 15, 2013 by: J. D. Heyes
Tags: U.S. military, vaccinations, service members

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(NaturalNews) A U.S. Navy veteran says vaccines she received as part of her initial entry into the service and during deployment to the Persian Gulf made her ill and have left her with permanent problems.

The veteran, who wrote her account anonymously on the Vactruth.com website, said she received a total of three vaccines - bird flu, Gardasil, and smallpox - that she believes were, in total, responsible for months of sickness.

"I had never had a serious reaction to any vaccine before, and it was after the third round of it that I decided to do some research for myself," she wrote in a March 2013 post. "Now I am carrying my first child, and I am grateful that I have done this research so that I can spare my child the results of a criminal undertaking in the form of mass vaccination."

Bird flu

The first of the three vaccines she received was one for bird flu, in December 2009, as she was waiting at the U.S. Navy training station at Great Lakes to go to her "A school" - her military specialty course. At the time, she said, "Avian influenza was scaring half the world out of its mind with fears of people being out of work for six weeks at a time or more, en masse."

On the first day of A school, she and the other students were formed up and marched to an indoor gym, where they were given "the just-released (and very rushed) bird flu vaccination."

She said she asked a senior medical corpsman if she should take the shot, since she "already had a good cold going with a sinus infection." The senior corpsman told her to take it anyway. The effects were immediate and lasting:

Within the day I was coming down with persistent flu-like symptoms: to my horror, I was still coughing from this more than three MONTHS later. The following Friday, the freshly-vaccinated population of TSC Great Lakes was released to go home on holiday stand down. My trip home to [omitted] was stressful, to say the least, and by the time I touched down in [omitted] I was very sick. I could not make it home to [omitted] for three days: a friend halfway between the two towns was very kind and took me in during that time and took care of me (later coming down with the same symptoms himself) while I was flat on my back.

She said she remained sick throughout her visit, much to the disappointment of her family.


The next vaccine she opted to take was Gardasil, for use in the prevention of certain types of human papillomavirus. "Of that," she wrote, "I can say only that I walked into Great Lakes with a clean pap smear: I left Great Lakes with an 'inconclusive' pap and by the time I got back from my first deployment with the ship (9 months after leaving Great Lakes), I had been placed on aggressive monitoring for cervical cancer due to abnormal paps with two clearly precancerous lesions visible on my cervix."


In between receiving the other two vaccines, the sailor said she deployed to the Persian Gulf aboard a destroyer. Since the ship was already on-station when she deployed, she was ordered to immediately receive the smallpox vaccine, because smallpox has not yet been eradicated completely in that part of the world.

"Within three days of receiving it in my left arm, my left arm had swollen from neck to elbow and the lymph nodes under my left ear and under that arm had gone twice their normal size, and daily activities (like getting dressed, or transiting a ladderwell safely) were agony," she wrote.

She attempted to see the ship's medical staff but was rebuffed until the ship's executive officer saw her nearly crying one day as she tried to haul in a line. She said she showed the XO her shoulder and he immediately ordered her to undergo bed rest. The next day, the medical staff finally took her complaint serious.

Toward the end of her post, the sailor wrote that she was 16 weeks pregnant, but that the baby's father, who is also Navy but has no history of reactions to vaccines, is supporting her decision not to vaccinate her child.






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