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Obamacare isn't about health, it's about CONTROL

Thursday, August 08, 2013 by: J. D. Heyes
Tags: Obamacare, government control, health care privacy

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(NaturalNews) Those who supported the effort by President Obama and fellow Democrats to "reform" the nation's healthcare system likely did so because they believed these men and women were sincere about their desire to fix it.

But the fact is that Obamacare was never about healthcare reform in the normal sense of the word - it was, and is, about control. Control over you, your children and grandchildren - from cradle to grave.

That's no conspiracy theory. Think about it - everyone gets sick and eventually has health problems. And - like taking over the public schools, where they control the "education" of your kids - what better way for social engineers and progressivists to exert control over your life than to control your healthcare?

There is more to consider along these lines - that really, all Obamacare is about is government control over you. Consider:

The healthcare industry represents one-sixth of the U.S. economy, and now Uncle Sam and his army of bureaucrats essentially control most aspects of it. Per Breitbart News:

All working Americans will have to either submit proof of insurance or enter an exchange. In order to be compliant an individual who enters the exchange will have to submit their tax return, their social security number, their employers tax ID, banking account information, their address, and telephone number. The information is kept on file for several years.

What's more, if your employment changes the following year and you - god forbid - wind up making more money and price yourself out of being qualified for government insurance subsidies, you'll have to pay Uncle Sam back. "Say goodbye to the tax return and say hello to the incentive to work as little as possible in order to be eligible for government assistance," Breitbart News reported.

Obamacare will exert enormous control over physicians, mostly by driving them out of private practice and into retirement or into a large hospital-based corporation. Why? "The cost structure of a hospital is vastly different from a private physician for a myriad of reasons - overhead and fiduciary responsibility to stock holders to turn a profit at the top of the list. What it would cost a patient in an independent physician's office doubles or triples in a physician practice owned by a hospital," Breitbart News reports.

Indeed, a recent survey found that as many as 60 percent of physicians say they are considering early retirement because of Obamacare's onerous myriad of rules, regulations and punitive measures.

Under Obamacare, you can kiss your private health information goodbye, because you will be forced to make it available to the Obamacare bureaucracy:

Under the guise of efficiency and cost savings both physicians and patients were encouraged to get on the electronic medical record bandwagon. Instead of efficiency what was accomplished is a treasure trove of private medical information which can be mined by various government agencies including HHS, IRS, and the FBI (to prosecute fraud and abuse). Makes you wonder about the role of NSA or Homeland Security.

Think about the implications for government use - or, more correctly, misuse - of all your health data - could the government use it against you, for example? How about if you are given a prescription for an antidepressant, but only to help you stop smoking; could that info later be used to, say, prevent you from buying a firearm?

Obamacare, in fact, represents the largest transfer of Americans' private information ever - save, of course, for the billions of bytes of metadata stolen by the National Security Agency.

Obamacare is also about controlling you, as evidenced by the actions of New York City Mayor Michael "Nanny" Bloomberg, who is using his hand-picked city health board to issue healthcare dictates to the masses - such as, how much soda New Yorkers can drink; how much salt they can and can't have; and how much trans fat is enough.

But that's what happens when Americans look to government to "take care of them" - government eventually mandates rules and conditions for that care. It's like a parent-child relationship; the parent provides food, shelter, clothing and an environment in which the child can thrive, but in return the dependent child must obey the rules of the house set by the parent.

Obamacare is the ultimate big government parent-child relationship.





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