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Genetic modification

Genetically modified babies? - New science lets parents select child's genetic sequence, rearrange DNA

Monday, August 05, 2013 by: Lance Johnson
Tags: genetic modification, babies, gene sequence

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(NaturalNews) New science is emerging and converging which allows parents to pre-fabricate the genetic sequence of their children. New generation gene sequencing, coupled with in-vitro fertilization will allow parents to choose the genetic makeup of their child. A new controversial procedure called mitochondrial transfer will allow parents to create genetically superior embryos by buying DNA from a "superior" mother and then transplanting it to their select embryo. Playing God, parents can literally select their own designer babies, choosing superior and acceptable gene sequences, selected to suit personal preferences.

First genetically modified baby is born

The first genetically modified baby was born this year, May 28, 2013. The parents, Marybeth Scheidts, 36, and David Levy, 41, utilized next generation gene sequencing and in-vitro fertilization to bypass natural reproduction.

After their standard visit at the fertility clinic, the parents went into the lab and were given 13 IVF embryos to choose from. After removing certain cells from the 13 embryos, physicians sent the select embryos to Oxford for genetic screening.

After their screening, only 3 of the embryos possessed the correct number of chromosomes required for absolute healthy fetal development. The other 10 embryos could have developed into normal babies, but the select three superior embryos have a better chance of developing into healthier babies.

Oxford fertility expert Dagan Wells said they can't make embryos "better than they were in the beginning," but he did say genetic sequencing "can guide us to the best ones."

Conceived life frozen in time

Here's where the controversial part comes in. The manipulated embryos, consisting of only a few cells are official, conceived human life. All of these embryos have the potential to continue developing into babies. The only thing holding them back is implantation in a mother's womb.

Essentially, at this stage, physicians are holding life hostage in their hands and manipulating it to perfection before it can be re-released into a mother's womb.

The infertile woman, Marybeth Scheidts, was not only able to conceive with the help of doctors, but was able to choose the genetic sequence of their child, and that's exactly what happened. Of the 13 embryos, Marybeth chose one of the acceptable and superior ones, and nine months later, their little Connor was born. The family has already selected another one of the superior lab embryos and are already expecting their second child.

Essentially, humanity has learned how to freeze life in time and manipulate it to perfection.

But what about the other 10 embryos that don't have the correct number of chromosomes for superior human traits? Is it ethical to conceive life and then control it, filing it away in a freezer if it is deemed not "acceptable?"

Shouldn't life be protected once it's conceived? Shouldn't life be left unmodified and natural and people loved for who they are?

Rearranging DNA to create super babies

The manipulation of life gets even more meticulous and unethical. Scientists in Britain have found a way to genetically modify embryos by displacing unacceptable mitochondrial DNA. They fix the embryo by transferring acceptable mitochondrial DNA from another mother.

Freezing life and choosing superior genetics is scientifically morbid and demented. Transferring DNA to design super babies is unethical.
  • "Who determines what acceptable traits are?"
  • "Where might acceptable DNA be harvested from?"
  • "Will there be a new DNA marketplace?"
  • "What might it cost?"
And better yet, "What is the moral cost of manipulating human life?"

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About the author:
Passionate about holistic wellness, Lance Johnson and his wife invite you to www.allnaturalfreespirit.com, where you can buy clean, chemical-free body care products.

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