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Advertising myths and slogan opposites

Saturday, August 03, 2013 by: S. D. Wells
Tags: advertising myths, pharmaceutical industry, processed foods

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(NaturalNews) Let's face it, it costs an "arm and a leg" to run an advertising campaign these days, especially if it's on television during prime time or in the middle of some big sports event. Some companies and corporations run ads just about everywhere, including magazines, radio, billboards, and in the newspapers and journals. The up front cost of running advertising and marketing campaigns has to be recouped, and that usually comes from a heavy markup in price, or future "maintenance" profits, as with cars, trucks, appliances and yes, food. You may be asking what food maintenance profit would entail, and to this I would respond, healthcare. Bad food and bad medicine run hand in hand in America, and the payoff is huge, so companies and corporations can afford to spend a fortune advertising their bogus products, knowing that the tail end of toxic food consumption often entails pharmaceutical medications, surgery, and maybe even chemotherapy.

Did you know it can cost over 1 million dollars to run a 30 second advertisement during the Super Bowl, and you can't just run one ad, you have to buy a package deal with half a dozen runs or more. Who can afford this, besides the usual corporate giants, Coke, Nike, and Chevrolet? The biggest companies and corporations are the biggest liars, for the most part, and their slogan or tagline is their ultimate weakness. The catchy trademark slogan represents exactly what they don't offer, or don't want you to think twice about, so you'll keep their product or brand name in your mind, when you get hungry, need new sneakers, or your car breaks down and you decide to go shopping for an "all new" one. It's all about branding, and human beings' brains are being "branded," brainwashed, spoon fed and force-fed lies upon lies upon more lies.

Here are some of the heavily branded myths and slogans that capture the ultimate oxymoron, and when you think about it, remember that the more they spend on advertising, usually the more they make off your purchase and most likely from your future "maintenance," especially if it's food, drinks, or chronic care "Big Pharma" medicine.

Buying and believing advertising lies in America

Honey Nut Cheerios; "Part of a heart healthy diet" and "lowers cholesterol." Yes, folks, that's right, GMO pesticide-laden corn meal is good for your heart! There is nothing that the blood circulates better with than some good ole' fashioned bug killer sewn right into those oats! And if you're thinking about lowering that BAD cholesterol, definitely turn to some gluten for inflammation, since that's the exact opposite effect of what's being blatantly advertised as the slogan. Cheerio!

Gatorade, PowerAde, Soft Drinks and "Vitamin"water; One of Gatorade's slogans is "Gatorade is thirst aid, for that deep down body thirst." Do they mean deep down like cellular damage, where the brominated vegetable oil (BVO), the GMO pesticide-laden corn sugar, and the heavy metal food colorings make your body dehydrated, trying to fight off and expunge all the chemicals? What else is in Vitaminwater, besides dead, useless vitamins? There are toxic food colorings, artificial sweeteners, and more. When it comes to soda, and especially diet soda, it's time to do some research on artificial sweetener disease (ASD). Also check into what sodium benzoate and phosphoric acid do to strangulate your cells and drain vitamins and minerals from your body, which is just the opposite of what the products tell you! They might as well sell battery acid as a summer refreshment.

"Natural" Makeup: Do you buy your makeup at the mall, or the drug stores, or even worse, Walmart or Kmart? Does it say "all natural" on the label, or the advertisement you saw that made you remember the name brand? There are virtually no checks and balances in the cosmetic, skin care and makeup industries, and the words "all natural" mean nothing! Chances are it contains phthalates and parabens and heavy metals that send toxins into your bloodstream. The words "all natural" should raise red flags in your mind immediately. Don't fall for the great hoax. Maybe you should know about the 10 most toxic cosmetics in the world, instead of watching advertisements and buying what "sounds good." (http://www.bloomberg.com)

Chevrolet: "Chevy runs deep" or "find new roads:" That's exactly right, the repair costs run really deep really fast, so you better find some new roads that lead to the repair shop, because you don't want to break down on the expressway or in some metro downtown area at night! Does AAA come with that deluxe "power train" warranty?

Cymbalta: "Depression hurts. Cymbalta can help." Yes, depression definitely hurts, especially for people who take Cymbalta, experience feelings of suicide, then try to commit suicide and survive, with all kinds of injuries. Yes, depression hurts, but not after your dead, and according to the FDA, "safe" prescription drugs kill over 100,000 Americans a year. (http://www.infowars.com) If you've seen and heard the latest "tsunami" of ads on TV, run by Big Pharma's Eli Lilly for their drug Cymbalta, you get the funny feeling NONE of these prescription "meds" that are pushed on the masses even work at all. Who do they think they're kidding, with the subliminal interchanges of good news with horrific side effects? Are they really advertising a drug for anxiety and depression which has side effects listed as increased anxiety and depression? Still believe that if the FDA approves something, it must be okay? Remember, if you're depressed or experiencing chronic headaches or muscle pain, first things first, stop eating and drinking chemicals posing as food. Then, think twice before you climb on the prescription roller coaster, the one that straps you in, malfunctions, and leaves you riding indefinitely, after the park is closed.

So from now on, when you hear or see an advertisement for a product, and that catchy slogan sticks in your head, think the exact opposite, and you'll probably be "dead on" as far as the benefit/detriment that is looming. Remember, your health maintenance is on the line!

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