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Food combining

Amazing food combinations that will change your health

Saturday, July 27, 2013 by: PF Louis
Tags: food combining, digestion, nutrition

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(NaturalNews) The strategy of proper food combining for optimum digestion has been around for decades in western dietary science and for centuries with Ayurvedic medicine.

Both traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and ancient Ayurveda have long recognized the importance of good digestion as the foundation for good health, while poor digestion leads to bad health and disease.

Slowly, modern western medicine is catching on, due mostly to the influences of holistic or alternative health practitioners and researchers. Now there have been studies on combining foods to maximize nutritional virtues synergistically.

That is, two or three foods simultaneously combined will deliver more than the sum of each food individually consumed.

Food combining for optimum digestion

Here are the broad stroke basics. Avoid consuming lots of water or other beverages while eating. This dilutes your digestive juices. Drink less while you eat, but hydrate heavily between meals.

Different types of foods require different gastric juices and enzymes to break the foods down into assimilable nutrients. Conflicting digestive juices and enzymes will result in longer metabolic labor with incompletely digested food particles putrefying and attracting bad bacteria.

Occasional bad food combining results in gas, bloating, constipation, or diarrhea. Habitual bad food combining can lead to chronic inflammation and disease.

Don't eat sweet fruits with other foods. The sweeter the fruit, the further away from any other meal. What's generally recommended is eating fruit around a half hour before eating or on an empty stomach, usually two hours after eating.

Citrus can be combined with most other foods, but melons need to be eaten very far from any other food. Eating anything sweet after a protein meal leads to digestive problems.

Mixing proteins and starches simultaneously, such as meat and potatoes, is another no-no. Proteins found in meats and dairy products are much more slowly digested than starchy and carbohydrate foods.

But protein foods can be consumed with low starch veggies and healthy fats. Fats, such as butter, olive oil, and other healthy fats can be used on vegetables along with lemon or lime.

In order to juggle these factors more easily, here's a handy chart you can review and even click a link for a larger printable chart to place on your fridge (http://www.healthy-weight-loss-help.com/food-combining-chart.html).

Exciting food combined nutrient synergies

Here's an easy one, sliced tomatoes, sliced avocados, with some raw onion and garlic covered with organic cold pressed olive oil. Wow! Tasty and packed with nutritional benefits.

Lycopene in tomatoes is made more bio-available with olive oil, and avocado is considered a superfood (https://www.naturalnews.com/029864_avocados_health.html).

You can get away with non-organic onions, garlic, and even avocados. But you must use only organic tomatoes, non-organic are very heavily sprayed.

Use a high quality olive oil. There are many fraudulent, impure olive oils haunting the market (https://www.naturalnews.com/028486_olive_oil_products.html).

Here's a surprise, peanut butter sandwiches (without jelly). But only if you use organic peanut butter without additives and unbleached whole grain bread, preferably sourdough, that's baked without bromides.

Whole Foods bakery and some other independent bakeries provide those. Ezekiel breads from health food stores' frozen section may be another good source.

This tasty snack offers the complete line of amino acids to be assembled as complete proteins in your body instead of your body's important cancer fighting enzymes being used to break down complete proteins from meats (https://www.naturalnews.com/030116_enzymes_cancer.html).

It's a good idea to eat your clean cold water fresh fish with garlic, onions, and a squeeze of lemon too.

You've probably read some information on turmeric's anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties from its active ingredient curcumin. Well, it works much better with piperine from black pepper and heated slightly with a healthy fat, like coconut oil.

Okay chocolate lovers, add in some organic apple slices (unpeeled) with that 70% or more cacao dark chocolate to combine the apple peel's quercetin with cacao's flavonoids for improved heart health.

You can even melt the chocolate and use it as a dip for the apple slices, which must be organic because non-organic apples are very heavily sprayed.

There are more synergistic food combinations in sources (1) and (2) below.

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