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Citizens United prepares to sue the federal government over Obamacare

Thursday, July 18, 2013 by: Lance Johnson
Tags: Citizens United, Obamacare, lawsuit

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(NaturalNews) As the Affordable Care Act gains speed on its way to full implementation, millions of Americans are resisting this one-size-fits-all mandated approach to healthcare. The Obama administration has reacted and delayed the employer mandate for another year, until 2015.

Essentially, the survival of the Affordable Care Act's mandate will depend on the compliance of millions of uninsured Americans. Will the majority of the uninsured submit to high health insurance premiums they don't even want? Many people who take care of their own health and finances don't need or want this forced system, but in the end, will the majority bend to the IRS mandate that taxes those who don't comply? If enough people bend, then the federal government gains full control and will basically think for the people, protecting current medical establishment hoax drugs and procedures that are sterilizing and making people dependent and sick.

Many states have already shown full dissidence toward the Affordable Care Act and sued the federal government over the individual mandate. Their concerted efforts landed them at the mercy of Supreme Court Justice John Roberts in 2012, who completely sold out the Constitution when he ruled that the federal government can individually mandate any product on anybody and everybody. America went to a dictatorship over night.

Citizens United studying the ACA, looks to sue the federal government

Even so, businesses, groups, and individuals have not stopped fighting against this Affordable Care Act mandate. One emerging group, Citizens United, plans to do whatever it takes to stop the Affordable Care Act and is making plans to sue the federal government. Citizens United President David Bossie says that when the opportunity is there, and when they have good standing, they are going for it. "We're studying it," he said.

Noted for their successful suit against the federal government in 2010, when they won suit over campaign financing, Citizens United looks to make another bold stand against Goliath government.

"A small organization took on the entire weight of the federal government and was able to prevail," says president David Bossie. He says health care reform is a similar issue. Bossie says he expects "many more lawsuits" fighting against the Affordable Care Act as the law's implementation nears.

Hoping that the ACA derails and collapses in on its own 20,000 plus pages of regulations, Citizens United is calling on individuals to keep the US Constitution and liberty alive.

Create your own future of real healthcare

The Obamacare train of thought can become a burning train wreck of reality, as long as individuals continue to say 'no' to the encroaching taxes and mandates. It's time to throw every bit of non-compliant behavior toward obstruction of this train of thought called Obamacare, so it will derail and explode into a blaze of burning laws and taxes.

It's time to set in motion our own train of thought - a collective conscious of healing and compassion, teaching good lifestyle habits like organic juicing (which is the true form of affordable healthcare). It's time to relearn nutrition, avoiding processed fast foods, ditching cancer causing GMOs and pitching side effect-inducing pharmaceutical drugs. It's time to plan our own lives and not be forced into systems that operate in power and in greed. It's time for Americans to get their head out of the media thought control and the division it generates. Thinking for ourselves is the only way forward as we create our own destiny, our own future, and our own health.

Puppet president Obama didn't create the Affordable Care Act

As nice as he makes the Affordable Care Act sound, the US President is only a spokesperson for a system that was thought up well before he became President. The President is merely a puppet advocating for a forceful set of laws and mandates that will only suppress real health care. Do you really think he wrote or even read the 7 foot tall stack of regulations called Obamacare? These plans have been designed by controlling minds in position of power who enjoy dividing people, controlling their fertility, dictating the way they think, and managing their reality.

Set yourself free from serfdom

Every American that wants their life, health, and destination dictated for them should continue to comply to the Affordable Care Act and it's expansion of medical drugs and procedures that are making people sick and dependent.

Every American that wants to create their own future should say no to forced compliance such as the ACA and seek nutritional knowledge. Push the genetically modified foods off your plate; don't go to the pharmacy for another prescription.

If someone doesn't want health insurance, they shouldn't be forced to buy it. There are better ways.

The current allopathic medical system is consuming many people. The insurance system bloats the whole fiasco. Becoming one of the few who is stronger than the system, who takes charge of their own health is the way forward. Saying no to the system mandated upon you will set your courageous soul free.

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