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Comprehensive research database offers global picture of harm caused by GMOs

Sunday, June 16, 2013 by: Jonathan Benson, staff writer
Tags: GMO Evidence, GM crops, genetic pollution

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(NaturalNews) The researchers involved with the recent landmark study proving that exposure to genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) and Monsanto's Roundup herbicide causes serious organ damage and cancerous tumors have developed a new web-based tool to help spread the word about the many dangers of GMOs. A global snapshot into the vast GMO conspiracy, GMOEvidence.com contains a thorough repository of evidence-based science and cases studies demonstrating that GMOs are a serious threat to both humans and the environment.

The site's "Roundup Evidence" section, for instance, contains a list of articles highlighting the environmental and human health implications of Roundup exposure. Besides polluting groundwater and soil, Roundup suppresses the growth of beneficial gut bacteria in humans, inhibits healthy reproductive capacity, and even enhances the toxicity of other chemicals and food additives, among other consequences, all of which are covered in depth on the site.

GMOEvidence.com also contains a thorough and growing collection of laboratory evidence conducted and compiled by prominent research doctors and scientists from renowned institutions. Reports on the toxicity of GMOs in mammals, as well as evidence illustrating the easy spread of GM traits to non-GM and organic crops, are all available on this powerful site. You can even find case studies involving humans, a major area of GMO research that mainstream science and the biotechnology industry has ignored.

"GMO Evidence has located lab-based scientific research papers and 'field' cases, all from published sources, to create a library that puts all the facts regarding the harm caused by GMOs and Roundup in one place," explains the GMO watchdog site GMWatch.org. "GMO Evidence includes the work of respected scientists like Prof. Gilles-Eric Seralini and his colleagues from CRIIGEN and the University of Caen, including their latest landmark research papers on GMOs and Roundup."

You can check out the new GMOEvidence.com site here:

Industry critics left defenseless as growing body of scientific evidence against GMOs nearly irrefutable

Long gone are the days when industry hacks could simply claim that GMOs were safe because there was no available science at the time to counter this, thanks to enabling government agencies that approved GMOs without proper oversight. Today, the sheer volume of corroborating evidence on the subject proves that GMOs are a monumental environmental and human health hazard that has no business being in the food supply.

Despite the fact that Monsanto aggressively thwarts independent research on GMOs by blocking their purchase for research purposes, Prof. Seralini and many others have been able to obtain them anyway and uncover the secrets that the biotechnology industry has long tried to hide from the public. But the cat is out of the bag: GMOs are emphatically not the same as their natural counterparts, which means their current use is nothing more than a massive human health experiment predicated on lies and deception.

"We need long-term safety tests that are relevant to human health done by people independent of GM vested interests," says Dr. Judy Carman, Ph.D., Director of the Institute of Health and Environmental Research, Inc., a non-profit research group based in Australia that focuses on GMO research. Dr. Carman has been harassed, threatened, intimidated, slandered, and even assaulted by the biotechnology mafia for daring to conduct honest inquiry into the safety of GMOs. "Independent research is finally being done and is showing adverse effects. There's been an avalanche of bad news for the GM industry lately."

Be sure to check out GMOEvidence.com for more information about the dangers of GMOs:

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