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California's implementation of Obamacare to take place under total financial secrecy to hide payouts from public

Tuesday, May 14, 2013 by: Lance Johnson
Tags: Obamacare, California, financial secrecy

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(NaturalNews) When the monstrous "Affordable" "Care" Act was released onto the unknowing public back in 2010, no one really knew how controlling, secretive, and wasteful it really would be. The current bill, which totals over 20,000 pages, continues to grow each year, as regulators sort out the mess and work in hundred of new regulations. California is working out the details by hiding payouts from the public. As the law unravels and swallows liberty, it would be nice to know:

Who really wrote it? Why is it so secretive? Who really runs this country?

Lies and control at the heart of government run health care

Did Obama himself know what he was endorsing in 2011, or was he just facilitating a task of control that global government manipulators chalked up to reign in the American people?

"This legislation is fully paid for, and will not add one single dime to our deficit," Obama once said.

This lie excludes the fact that the nation's deficit is projected to take another $6.2 billion downturn due to the law. The implementers knew these costs and liked the controls the bill would instill, for this wasn't the first law of its kind.

As a matter of fact, Obamacare was modeled after "Romney care" which originated in the state of Massachusetts. It appears that many political leaders in the US have just become facilitators of new government expansions. People are beginning to realize this fact, seeing through the voting facade. Thirteen million fewer people voted in 2012 than in 2008, seeing no difference between the two big government facilitators. People are realizing that many politicians really aren't at odds, but are banding together to implement more laws that restrict freedom. It seems globalist controllers have crept into government positions and are seeking more obedience from the people.

This is the heart of Obamacare, which is forcing practically everyone in the US to obtain health insurance by 2014, a mandate enforced by an IRS penalty, and backed up by the Supreme Court's hammer. This essentially makes it possible for the US government to now force anyone and everyone to purchase and conform to what they deem appropriate, all punishable by fine.

Not only is this idea unconstitutional at heart, but this forced compliance disregards individual liberty, personal beliefs, and personal health philosophy.

Now, as liberty is shredded, the bureaucrats themselves have been busy writing in exemptions that would allow them to bypass the Obamacare mandate. How hypocritical and arrogant have they become?

California's implementation hiding wasteful payouts from the public

That's only the beginning of the secrecy. As states move to implement the new law, some are concealing its sweeping expenditures.

In California, a state agency has been created to oversee the national health care reform. The agency has just been granted authority to conceal all its spending, which will be rolled by the millions to private contractors. Essentially California bureaucrats are concealing $458 million in spending in the year 2014 alone, as they dish out work to lawyers, consultants, and public relations advisers. As the waste and secrecy continue to deepen, the public is being hoodwinked by bureaucrats who plan to spend millions of dollars of citizen's taxpayer money on secretively contracted waste. What kind of health care wastes millions of dollars on lawyers, consultants, and public relations advisers?

As the controversy fires up, Terry Francke, who leads an awareness group promoting government transparency, believes that the secretive exclusions that bureaucrats are setting up will be upended by state constitution open-record laws.

"If the Legislature wants to limit access, the state constitution requires it produce findings that demonstrate the need for shielding information from the public," says Francke.

He continued, "In essence, lawmakers are saying they need [the secrecy] because they need it, with no details or evidence to support it. The Legislature should have answered the questions, 'Why couldn't the exchange do its job without this secrecy?'"

Stop believing in their care: Start thinking outside the box

In essence, his question can best be answered by realizing that the whole Affordable Care Act, to begin with, is not about affordability or transparency, but about waste and secrecy.

It's not about care. It's about force, mandates, global planning, and manipulation.

As bureaucrats react to the bill's countless regulations, it becomes clear: Many people's consciousness has been sucked into the trap, have been fooled into believing, have been collectively misled into thinking and submitting to this power.

The good news: Empowerment still exists in the hearts and minds of the people who seek truth, personal responsibility, liberty, and real honest health care.

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