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New computer chip migraine patch sends drug, electrical current into the skin

Monday, May 13, 2013 by: Lance Johnson
Tags: migraines, migraine drugs, patch

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(NaturalNews) A new form of migraine therapy has been approved by the FDA. This migraine intervention comes in the form of a patch, either wrapped around the upper arm or thigh. This patch, which includes a small computer chip, sends out electrical signals into the skin over a four-hour period, distributing a drug called sumatriptan. The patch, marketed with the name, Zecurity is deemed, "effective in treating migraine headache pain as well as migraine-related nausea." Although Zecurity sounds nice, like providing "security", it comes with its own package of negative effects including skin irritation and pressure at the site of the patch, damage to people with a history of cardiovascular diseases, and potentially inducing life-threatening serotonin syndrome.

To make matters worse, a phase three pivotal study showed that only about half, or 53 percent, of the subjects achieved relief from headache pain. (Achieving the benefits is like flipping coin)

How the science works

After applied to the upper arm or thigh, the migraine therapy patch is then activated with a push button, which initiates trans-dermal delivery of the drug sumatriptan. The computer chip regulates the drug's dispersion into the body, monitoring skin resistance and delivering a total dose of 6.5 mg through a four hour dosing period.

How to get eight million people on migraine therapy drugs

Of the 16 million U.S. adults who are diagnosed and treated with migraines, 8 million, or half, reportedly don't take oral medication. By transforming an oral medication into a well regulated, easy-to-use patch, more of the drug can be consumed. Subjects also won't be able to skip a dose this way, allowing for direct, easy, continual, automated, lifetime drugging. Lifetime drugging is the end game here. By ignoring the body's migraine signals, a person can "patch" the body's response and muffle its communication. The real questions are, "What is causing the migraine?" "Why do so many Americans experience tension, sensitivity, and inflammation?"

The patch doesn't address migraine triggers that are harming the body

The patch addresses none of the root causes but operates more like a personal arm-held doctor that oversees and administers medication. The patch is a built-on monitor of sorts, a new tool for drug companies to guarantee drug consumption. The patch allows people to just push a button, without even making an everyday conscious decision. It allows people to forget, betray and turn a cold ear toward their own bodily signals. People won't necessarily have to avoid migraine triggers; thus, they will continually subject themselves to the root causes that are damaging their health. Their migraine may be telling them to avoid certain triggers that are harming their body, but that can all be silenced now with a push of a button. This could lead to an out of touch society, over-medicated with easy push-button, computer chip regulated, drug dependency patches.

Basic strategies to relieve migraines

Detoxifying the body of heavy metal pollutants allows the body to better absorb nutrients and reduce inflammation. Cutting out processed foods and sugars helps as well. Eating an alkaline based diet, full of fresh fruits and vegetables is a major component to general wellness.

In an absorbent body, certain natural plant extracts can have a positive effect on migraine relief. These plants address the inflammation and sensitivities holistically without risk of negative effects and drug dependence.

Herbal extract like butterbur and white willow provide relief in an absorbent body. White willow is a timeless anti-inflammatory remedy that contains salicin - the old form of aspirin.

Learn more: http://voices.yahoo.com/health-benefits-white-willow-bark-128384.html

Butterbur allows normal blood flow to the brain, lowering the inflammatory effect of chemicals like leukotrienes and prostaglandin E2.

Learn more: https://www.naturalnews.com/028866_butterbur_migraines.html

Dealing with the root causes of heavy metal toxicity, environmental triggers, inflammations, and an acidic lifestyle, are more effective long term strategies that work. Hope can be found in new lifestyle disciplines and simple natural solutions. Long term hope is not always found in a drug company's computer-chip-regulated drug regime.

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