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Liberal media refuses to cover glaring example of violence against women

Sunday, May 05, 2013 by: J. D. Heyes
Tags: liberal media, violence against women, censorship

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(NaturalNews) To say that the mainstream media is comprised almost exclusively of left-wing writers and editors is to point out a truth so obvious that it is almost a cliche to even mention it.

Coverage of key stories and issues is slanted or colored in order to reflect a certain point of view. Any semblance of objectivity has been thrown out the window in favor of some "politically correct" principle that, by far, does not reflect what the majority of Americans think, believe or feel.

And that's if the story is covered at all, which is the point of my story.

Ever heard of Kermit Gosnell?

Many NaturalNews readers know about Dr. Kermit Gosnell and what he has been accused of doing. For those of you who do not know who he is and have not yet read about him on our site, you can thank all of the major TV network "news" programs and the major newspapers around the country for once again failing to do their jobs because they have remained beholden to their left-wing ideology.

Gosnell, an abortion doctor who has been practicing his craft for more than 30 years in Philadelphia, is currently on trial for murdering at least seven babies that were reportedly born alive in his clinic. In addition to these charges, Gosnell is also accused of injuring a number of women over the years, and in particular poor, African-American women, in the course of providing his "services."

Now normally, the left-wing press is all about covering women's issues, particularly if women are harmed or are at risk of being harmed. The left-wing press also spends a great deal of time covering issues of race, particularly from the point of view of minorities.

But in the case of Gosnell - who is African-American, by the way - most of the mainstream media has decided to remain beholden to abortion, because they have routinely, and purposefully, blacked out nearly all coverage of Gosnell's trial. This, despite the fact that he, in addition to murdering newborn babies by shoving a pair of scissors through the backs of their skulls and "clipping" their spinal cords, also stands accused of committed no small amount of violence against largely minority women.

The deafening silence - not to mention the abysmal double standards - of the mainstream media are increasingly coming under fire.

The silence is noticeable

The Media Research Center has launched an entire campaign to both draw attention to the trial itself and the horrific crimes Gosnell is accused of, as well as the media's very noticeable lack of coverage of his trial.

Chatter is increasing on social websites about the lamestream media's wall-to-wall coverage of allegations surrounding cases like the Trayvon Martin killing and the Duke Lacrosse team, both of which were racially tinged and both of which have turned out to be nothing like what the media portrayed them to be.

Even lawmakers are beginning to speak out against the media's cherry-picking of pet issues.

In comments from the House floor April 24, former GOP presidential contender Rep. Michele Bachman of Minnesota said the mainstream media have "all but gone silent" in their trivial coverage of Gosnell, adding that such a dearth of reporting was akin to "violence against women."

"Mr. Speaker, it's difficult for me to even speak about this subject today," she said. "I'm a woman who's been privileged to give birth to five children and I've also taken 23 children into my home as foster children."

She continued:

"It's very hard for me to imagine, Mr. Speaker, that a doctor in this country - a doctor who took an oath to do no harm - would, in fact, kill a woman at his abortion clinic and he would sever the heads off of four babies that were born alive and potentially others, and commit one gruesome act after another and shamelessly the mainstream media has all but gone silent and failed to cover this horrific violence against women.


A grand jury indictment of Gosnell described his clinic as a "house of horrors," complete with severed parts of babies stored in jars. The indictment accuses Gosnell of snipping the spinal cords of infants "hundreds of times."

Business Insider reported that Gosnell ""is accused of using unfathomable abortion procedures on inner-city patients who were well into their third trimester at an unsanitary, bloody, and utterly gruesome clinic called the Women's Medical Society.

If even a portion of these allegations is true, Gosnell is a lot of things, but a doctor isn't one of them.

Shame on the mainstream media for its silence. Ideology, even if conflicting and hypocritical, is obviously more important than serving as the public's watchdog.

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