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Arm exercises

Three unique exercises to give you powerful arms

Saturday, April 27, 2013 by: Sarka-Jonae Miller
Tags: arm exercises, home workouts, sculpted arms

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(NaturalNews) Bored of the same old bicep curls and dips? Sick of shoulder presses? You can sculpt your arms and shoulders with unique exercises. Exercise variety is beneficial, not just so that you don't get bored in your workouts, but also because it keeps your muscles from adapting to a routine. Mix it up with lesser known arm exercises and shoulder exercises, and you'll see killer arms in no time. These exercises are not only unique, they are also easy to do at home with minimal equipment for added convenience.

Karate kid

Kick bicep curls up a notch with the karate kid exercise, a variation sure to make you feel like kung fu fighting. The karate kid is an easy exercise, but you will quickly feel your arms starting to burn. All you need is a pair of dumbbells. Use a lower weight than you would for regular bicep curls.

To perform the karate kid, grip a pair of dumbbells and step your feet out shoulder-width apart, similar to a horse stance in karate. Bend your elbows and bring your fists next to your sides, near your floating ribs. Your palms should be facing the ceiling, just like a karate practitioner getting ready to do a punching drill. Next, extend your arms straight in front of you. Reverse the motion, pulling your arms back to your side to complete one repetition. Do 8 to 12 reps.

Combination cable curl and kickback

Why work just your biceps or just your triceps when you can do both? Do a cable curl and kickback at the same time, one arm doing the curl and the other doing the kickback. This challenges your arm muscles and provides some mental stimulation.

First, tie one end of an exercise cable around a door knob so it is secure. Grab the other end with your left hand and pull it taut as you face the door with your right leg forward. Hold another cable in your right hand and step on the center of it with your right foot. Hold your left arm bent against your side and hold your right arm straight at your side with your palm facing the door.

Next, extend your left arm behind you as you bend your right elbow to perform a bicep curl. Reverse the motion. After 8 to 10 reps, switch sides.

Pike press

The pike press is a challenging and unique shoulder exercise that also works the triceps. You need two sturdy benches to perform this exercise, such as exercise benches, stabilized piano benches, or aerobic benches. Position the benches parallel to each other and slightly wider than the width of your body. Make sure that the benches won't shift during the exercise.

Step onto the benches with your hands on one end and your feet on the other. Your arms and legs are straight. Lift your hips and straighten your spine. Your body will look like downward dog pose in yoga, or an inverted "V." Next, bend your arms and lower your upper body toward the opening between the benches. Only lower yourself as low as you can control. Press your arms straight again to complete one pike press. Do only a few reps if that is all you can do safely. Work up to 20.

These three arm exercises will give you sexy, sculpted arms. You can use them as a complete arm workout or work the exercises into your exercise program.

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About the author:
Sarka-Jonae Miller is a former personal trainer and massage therapist. She has a journalism degree from Syracuse University. Sarka-Jonae currently writes romantic comedy novels and romantic erotica under the same SJ Miller.
Get more health and wellness tips from SJ's natural health Twitter feed or from SJ's Facebook page.
SJ's books can be found on Amazon.

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