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Boston marathon

The Boston murders: a cult of lies called government

Friday, April 19, 2013 by: Jon Rappoport
Tags: Boston marathon, murders, government

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(NaturalNews) Yesterday, I covered the mystery of the pressure-cooker bomb. Where are all the holes in the remains of the cooker that should be there, owing to the fact that ball bearings and nails were packed around the explosive material, and all this shrapnel would have been driven through the cooker out into the air? There are no holes.

At least we should see obvious evidence that shrapnel adhered to the walls of the cooker and pitted it considerably. We don't see any of that.

Now, we are told, the lid of one of the cookers was found on a rooftop, blown there by the bomb. Yet, again, photos show there are no holes in the lid. No shrapnel adhering to it.

What were the actual bombs at the Marathon?

The whole government scenario in the Marathon murders is collapsing. Mike Adams, writing at naturalnews, is exploring the members of the Craft private security team who were present at the Marathon finish line. At least one member of the team was carrying a radiation detector. What for? As Mike states, these pros don't work for free. Who hired them? Why were they there? Major media aren't discussing the subject.

A college track coach. Alastair Stevenson, present at the Marathon, heard police announcements that a drill was taking place. Boston police are stonewalling that report. Why?

The Boston Globe tweeted that the bomb squad was about to detonate a device, in a controlled explosion, across the street from the JFK Library, a mile away from the Marathon. Then, no followup. Nothing. Suddenly, there was no bomb at the Library. It was just a small fire.

A Saudi national, Abdul Rhaman Ali Alharbi, was declared a suspect in the bombing. He was downgraded to a "person of interest." Then he was innocent, but severely burned. Now he's not severely burned. His travel visa has been revoked. He's being sent home, deported, to Saudi Arabia. A free pass out of the country, on the heels of what Reuters is calling an unscheduled meeting between Obama and the Saudi foreign minister at the White House.

This all gives rise to a conclusion. To be a government official, it's essential to be able to lie. Chronically.

I was recently a guest on Mike Bundrant's radio show, "Mental Health Exposed." We discussed cult mentality and how far-reaching it actually is.

You can listen to the show here. http://radio.naturalnews.com/Archive-MentalHealthExposed.asp

You can also visit Robert Scott Bell's radio archives at www.RobertScottBell.com and find many shows in which Robert and I discuss cult mentality in science, and what I call the Church of Biological Mysticism.

This mentality applies to government and follows the three stages of cult development. By development, I mean deterioration.

Take a federal agency---FBI, ATF, FDA, CIA, NIH, CDC. Each organization starts out with great enthusiasm, upon its creation. It announces big goals and makes an important mission statement. The ideals are high-flying. The personnel are filled with hope and energy. Stage one.

In remarkably short order, something takes shape out of the fog: the leader is far more important than anyone realized.

He not only sets the tone. He sits at the apex of a structure. At first, the structure was merely assumed to be whatever was necessary to forward the objectives. But now, in stage two, it assumes primacy. The leader informs the members (personnel) that the structure must survive. In order to do that, it will have to grow.

There is no going back to the beginning. Widening the organization is a mandate of great priority. And for growth to happen, the members must assert extreme loyalty to the overarching goals, yes, but actually to the organization and the leader.

The leader personifies the structure. He is the monarch. He issues the marching orders to his major minions, and they pass these orders, through the command-and-control apparatus, down to each member.

Through repetitive brainwashing, realities are impressed upon the minds of the adherents (members, personnel). No one can wander off the reservation. Initiative and independent action, while seeming to be useful, are actually counter-productive and even dangerous. This the party line---exactly what would, for instance, keep a police officer from following his nose and his innate curiosity in politically charged investigation like the Marathon bombings.

There are rules, and the burgeoning number of them are there to ensure the survival of the group. The rules have been carefully crafted. They are "for the greater good." "We're all in this together." "What one person does affects everyone." "Don't go rogue."

In this stage two, a transformation is taking place. The idealism of the early days is being squashed, in favor of the collective.

The survival of the collective is hammered, again and again. at the members. Without extreme obedience, the whole structure would fall apart and wash away. And who wants that kind of death?

Stage three makes it appearance with pronouncements about external enemies. The leader carries that essential freight; convincing the members they are under threat is the mind-control glue that holds everybody together.

These enemies want to destroy (or de-fund) the organization. They want to denigrate the group's objectives. They want to defame the leader.

The enemies, real and imagined, are named. It only matters that they seem to proliferate. Their threatening presence further tunes up the members. "We're under attack. Don't waver now. Only the strong survive. Take heart. We will win this war. Obedience is more important than ever."

It's an easy step from external to internal enemies. That is the cherry on the cake. "We have a mole. There are traitors among us. Someone has leaked proprietary information. We've been infiltrated."

Now, an atmosphere of secrecy, suspicion, and paranoia spreads like poison among the members. The leader orders internal investigations, to root out the turncoats.

At the same time, the organization is committing crimes. They are lying, they are stealing, they are making alliances with "influential people from the outside."

This is happening at the highest levels of the structure.

Gone are the high-flying emotions of the early days. Life in the organization is grim.

The structure has become large enough and criminal enough that some members are secretly looking for ways to game their own system. Others have gone passive and simply do what they're told.

The leader is pictured as a heroic embattled figure, standing on the parapet, directing his troops against invaders.

Defectors from within the ranks are multiplying. But to a degree, the brainwashing holds.

"In these dangerous times, your work is more important than ever. Deserting your post could defeat our objectives. We're the good guys. Only we know how vital our goals are. We hold the key to survival. Your leader needs you. We all need you. Don't back out now."

In the cult of government, there are exceptions. It's understood that some talented and facile members will leave, only to join the outside criminal allies of the group. Otherwise known as "the revolving door" of government and industry.

There is another level of brainwashing inside big government cults (departments, agencies). "Government is good. Without it, society would collapse. The larger government is, the better it is. The purpose of government is to serve. We need more government, not less. Never do we need less."

Members are now told, are made to understand, that lying and cheating are absolutely necessary. "For the greater good." "Ends justify means." This becomes the cultural imperative.

Therefore, in a situation like the Boston Marathon murders, the discovery of a perpetrator is a must. The case cannot go unsolved. It is far better to arrest and prosecute, or kill, an innocent person than to wind up with nothing.

Winding up with nothing would demean and cast an ill glow on the investigating agencies and even the president of the United States.

And on top of that, the right type of person must be selected as the scapegoat. He must painted with a particular political persuasion.

As time passes, and these government cults continue to expand, the language of criminality filters down from the high echelons, where it has been "the royal speech" for a very long time, to the lower levels.

The pretense is stripped away. "Do what you need to." "We're making deals." "Line up the Senator. He knows which side his bread is buttered on." "Don't tell (another agency) what we're doing. They'd use it against us." "Invoke national security and tell them to go screw themselves." "Get me the file. We've got the goods on that bastard. He's not going to mess with us." "All hands on deck. I want a complete report on our accomplishments over the past year for the budget hearings in six months. Pad it. This has to look brilliant." "Hey, that's our lobbyist, not your lobbyist." "We're cooking the intelligence. What the hell else would you expect us to do."

In retrospect, a true investigation would show that any one of these big government cults has been colluding with outside criminal forces for a very long time, even perhaps from its beginnings.

Over decades, cult leaders come and go. They assume new qualities. They are now the faceless soulless ones. They run their machine organizations according to the principle of caution and plausible deniability.

Each one of the cults employs a balance of androids, game players, and true believers. They are all finally ground down to a fine mixture of particles. It no longer matters what the members believe or feel. They fill posts and positions and they do their jobs. Lying, cheating, stealing, and even killing are ordinary aspects of the jobs.

That is how a cult endures.

This is what author Hannah Arendt was talking about when she coined the phrase, "the banality of evil."

The hive, the nest, the group, the cult, the collective weaves a fairy tale about its vital contributions, but underneath it all, it assumes all the features of a mafia.

Within the cult, an air of unreality pervades. The astonishingly sharp division between its announced aims and its real practices produces an acrid stench which, through its public relations people, is blown across a sanitized air conditioning system, in hopes of achieving a neutrality that will escape attention.

The cult is a double-decker psyop aimed at the outside world and its own members.

In typical bland fashion, government cults present a determined face to the public. "We do our jobs in a systematic way. We know the best methods and we employ them. We get results."

Therefore, when independent researchers and investigators discover gaping holes in the way these cults go about their business (Aurora, Sandy Hook, Boston), the official response is: conspiracy theorists; nuts; crazies; obstructionists.

You could call this the fourth stage of the cult. It no longer looks like a devoted band of followers with a leader. It no longer looks like an organization composed of individual humans. It looks like an army of units. It looks like an apparatus. It looks like a computerized set of functions.

On closer inspection, it resembles a fungus. Individual cells reproduce, and their offspring in turn reproduce. The overall organism moves out in every direction, developing strategies to attach itself to organic and inorganic matter.

Any Something can be a host.

Watching this process, outsiders who have surrendered their own souls as independent individuals begin to realize this is the apotheosis of their dream. To promote and somehow belong to the advancing mold, the spreading decay.

This, they believe, is power. The only power.

Perversely, the original stated goals of the cult, the high-flying ideals, are reintroduced. Now, in their new incarnation, they are grotesque cartoons.

But as Nazi propagandists knew, the bigger the lie, the greater the likelihood of it being believed.

Freud's nephew, Edward Bernays, the father of modern public relations, and the cadres of psychological warfare specialists who followed in his wake, understood that, by speaking to the masses over and over, by addressing the collective, by building up stereotypes of human beings, they could wipe out and reprogram a significant number of individual minds on the planet.

In doing so, they vastly multiplied the supply of potential cult members.

Walk into the headquarters of any government agency or large corporation and you will see the result.

They are inside the hive dream.

We are outside.

Believe it or not: our platform is stronger.

Coming to understand that fact in your blood, muscles, brain, mind, and imagination is the key to the door that opens into the river, the river of unbounded energy, where freedom is the future.

Jon Rappoport
The author of two explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED and EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at www.nomorefakenews.com

About the author:
The author of an explosive new collection, THE MATRIX REVEALED, Jon
was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of
California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an
investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics,
medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine,
Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon
has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic,
and creative power to audiences around the world.

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