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Subtle and powerful medical propaganda suggests ADHD is diagnosable in the womb

Friday, April 12, 2013 by: Mike Bundrant
Tags: ADHD, propaganda, womb

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(NaturalNews) If the medical establishment indoctrinates parents and young children with their catalog of mental illnesses and gets them hooked on drugs early, they may have them for life.

It sounds like some sort of cult, and it most certainly is. Medical promoters are going too far as they prowl around after children, even before they are born!

The way to fight back is with SPECIFICITY!

Demand specificity from doctors and do not be hooked by vague language patterns that are full of emptiness and illusion. Vagueness is the language that creates hypnotic states. Specificity wakes you up. Let's take a typical example of propaganda and break it down. Here it is:

Some mothers say they remember their hyperactive children kicking in the womb more vigorously than their other children, says Walt Karniski, MD, a developmental pediatrician and executive director at Tampa Day School, which specializes in educational services for children with ADHD. Although the fetal kicker and colicky baby theories have never been substantiated, it is clear that children with ADHD often show signs early in life.

To the average sheeple, this might sound reasonable. It's so official! However, if we deconstruct this medical propaganda, we find...NOTHING!

Let's break it down using typical questions from the NLP meta model, a set of questions that crack vague or hypnotic language patterns so that you can get to the real point.

In this case, the message is 100% empty. The above paragraph, which sounds authoritative, really says NOTHING, zippo! Here are some NLP Meta Model challenges to the above crafted wording:

Some mothers

Which mothers, specifically? How many mothers?


Say to whom, when, where and in what context?

...hyperactive children

Hyperactive according to whom? Signs and symptoms? Hyperactive how, when and under which circumstances?

...kicking in the womb

Kicking under what circumstances? After meals? Before meals? At which stage? Are these overdue babies? Was mom under more stress than usual? How do you know they were really kicking "more vigorously?" What was your measuring device?

...says Walter Karniski, MD

So, this is second hand information, not recorded, from an unspecified number of mothers who are not saying anything directly or of themselves.

...educational services

Which kind of education? What are the principles and presuppositions of the educational model? Are there any motives to increase diagnosis of ADHD?

...the fetal kicker and colicky baby theories

This presupposes valid "theories" with no references to any specific scientific theory, but attempts to convey that scientists have given these notions credibility.

...it is clear

Clear to whom and under which set of circumstances? Where, when, with whom and how is this clear, specifically? Clear according to what guidelines?

...children with ADHD

Which children, specifically? Diagnosed by whom and how were they diagnosed?


Often? How often? What does this mean?

...show signs

Which signs? Observed and reported by whom?

...early in life.

How early? Is this not a clear reference to the possibility of ADHD being diagnosable in the womb?

In other words. The above paragraph says nothing credible to the trained eye.

I am not suggesting that the opposite it true. I am not suggesting that the good Dr. Karniski is wrong or is lying. I am simply asking questions that, to me, reveal that he has not said anything worth acting on, at all.

Of course, you can use tools like the meta model to break down any sentence. You can do this exercise with this entire article and point out every vague word I have used in writing it and call me a manipulator if you like.

And that's the point. Human language is inherently vague! If you do not learn to break it down, get specific and figure out the concrete meaning, you might miss details that make a world of difference.

In the case of children being diagnosed with ADHD, I am afraid vague, hypnotic language rules the day.


About the author:
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Mike Bundrant is co-founder of the iNLP Center and host of Mental Health Exposed, a Natural News Radio program.

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