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Senate bill

Help save Americans from tyranny by opposing S. 649

Wednesday, April 10, 2013 by: J. D. Heyes
Tags: senate bill, gun control, legislation

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(NaturalNews) The progressive Left isn't interested in compromise - ever - and nowhere is that more evident than the gun issue, as evidenced by their non-stop effort (which is really just a continuation of earlier efforts) to ban certain guns and limit magazines.

As such, political Lefties in the U.S. Senate have recently introduced S. 649, an anti-Second Amendment bill that Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada has positioned for quick action, according to Gun Owners of America, one of the nation's leading gun-rights organizations. What's more, the measure is even worse than the bad one GOA was expecting.

Reid is positioning the legislation to more easily pass the Senate

"We expected it to contain the Veterans Gun Ban, which would mean that you would sell, gift, or raffle a gun in America at the risk of a 15-year prison sentence because of something you didn't know about the veteran/buyer," said the group in a press release dated March 25.

"But, surprisingly to us, the Far Left has convinced Reid to include the original Schumer version of the Universal Registry Bill. This would ban private sales of firearms, unless purchasers first get the permission from the government," the group said. "If Senators can pass this de facto registration bill, they will be well on the way to confiscation (see, for example, Governor Andrew Cuomo in New York, who has a gun owner registry and has called for gun confiscation). If this bill is passed, Senators will claim that they 'broke the back' of gun owners in America."

Another thing GOA has learned in recent days is that concerns GOA is the way Reid is fashioning Senate rules for better chances of passing the most far-reaching portions of the legislation. The group said "there is still every evidence" the Senate leader will proceed under "regular order," which means 60 votes are needed, not just a simple majority, to pass the "gun control buffet." While that sounds like a better situation, it isn't. Remember, this is Harry Reid and gun-banning Senate Democrats we're talking about.

To that end, "GOA has been talking and making our case with a host of Senate Republicans, and we would hope that everyone in the Senate understands the importance of stopping the 'motion to proceed' to Reid's gun control legislation," said the press release.

Why "stop the motion?" Because it's key to stopping this legislation. From GOA:

...[A]s we predicted, anti-gun zealots have begun to use the "ObamaCare Paradigm" to threaten, bribe, and coerce senators into submission on the most far-reaching aspects of gun control, including Feinstein's proposal to ban shotguns, rifles and handguns that millions of Americans legally own. So if the "motion to proceed" to S. 649 is adopted with 60 votes, then Feinstein's ban could be passed in the Senate with only 50 votes (plus Biden).

For a more detailed explanation on this dangerous process, click here.

The hit squad media is already out in front of the intimidation campaign, publishing stories aimed at quashing Democratic opposition (remember, some Dems are from states where guns are a culture) and "threatening them with the prospect of facing an anti-gun primary challenger - just like we saw on Obamacare," GOA said.

Take action - do it now

And, as is common in politics, there are some "unholy alliances" hard at work. Politico, which leans politically Left, reported:

Sen. Joe Manchin (from the gun-culture state of West Virginia) and the National Rifle Association are quietly engaged in private talks on a proposal to broaden background checks on purchasers of firearms.

GOA expressed dismay at this potential development, and for good reason; there needs to be no more compromises on issues like this one that are vital to the preservation of our constitutional republic. Just as there appears to be an emerging food revolution taking place, there needs to be a similar legal revolution among states and the people to take back power that rightfully belongs to them but which Washington has stolen over the course of generations.

What does GOA recommend?

"Show up at their offices with a delegation during the congressional recess. Rally and conduct demonstrations and call-a-thons and writing campaigns. Know that the anti-gun Left will be doing the same."

In the chamber, GOP Sens. Rand Paul of Kentucky, Ted Cruz of Texas and Mike Lee of Utah sent Reid a letter saying they intend to filibuster his bill.





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