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Australian boys become first male guinea pigs in global Gardasil genocide

Wednesday, February 27, 2013 by: Ethan A. Huff, staff writer
Tags: Gardasil, guinea pigs, Australia

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(NaturalNews) Nearly one million teenage boys living in Australia are set to be vaccinated with the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine Gardasil in the coming months and years, according to new reports. The first country in the world to give an official green light to the vaccine's administration in males, Australia is now leading the charge to put as many children as possible, both male in female, in harm's way as a result of forced exposure to this deadly vaccine.

As reported by ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) and others, Australia's federal government has essentially caved to ongoing pressures from CSL Limited, the vaccine company working with Merck & Co. to administer Gardasil worldwide, to allow the vaccine to be given to boys. CSL Limited has tried and failed in years past to get the vaccine approved for boys, but now with gleeful approval from Australian Federal Health Minister Tanya Plibersek, the corporate giant is witnessing the arrival of the putrid fruit of its labors.

"It's a very exciting journey, an Australian invention, a world-first vaccine for women and now a world-first vaccine for young men," gloated Plibersek in front of the media about the decision, almost insinuating that her country deserves some kind of recognition or award for its primary role in foisting Gardasil on the world.

According to reports, the Australian government will begin administering the three-series Gardasil shot to boys aged 12 and 13 now, and later extend coverage to some boys 14 and older as part of a so-called "catch-up" program. And the country's National Immunization Program (NIP) will be providing the shot "free of charge," which of course means that taxpayers are being forced to foot the bill whether they like it or not.

Australian government lying with false statistics to promote Gardasil scam

Naturally, the $21 million charade is being touted by special interest-compromised politicians and health officials as a much-needed public health intervention that will save many Australian children from contracting cervical cancer and other similar health conditions. The Australian Medical Association, for instance, is erroneously claiming that HPV is responsible for causing the vast majority of both anal and vaginal cancers, and that Gardasil will help reduce their prevalence.

But truth be told, HPV has never been definitively linked to causing any of these conditions. And cervical cancer, which is most often attributed to HPV and claimed to be preventable by getting the Gardasil vaccine, has never been proven to be caused by HPV either, which means Gardasil is medically useless. It also means that those with a vested interest in Gardasil's success are blatantly lying about its efficacy in order to trick parents into allowing their children to get jabbed.

Further, only a few hundred people at most die from cervical cancer every year in Australia. This, combined with the fact that there is absolutely no solid evidence showing a connection between HPV and cervical cancer, proves that Gardasil, in a best case scenario, will have a negligible benefit in thwarting cervical cancer. Meanwhile, there have been tens of thousands of reported adverse events associated with Gardasil, and at least 130 reported deaths.

"There is something deeply wrong with a giant pharmaceutical company spending hundreds of millions of dollars to manipulate women (and now men!) and influence legislation in order to generate a revenue stream of billions of dollars a year for themselves at the expense of a gullible public," wrote Dr. Gary Null, Ph.D., and Nancy Ashley, V.M.D., for VacTruth.com back in 2012 about Gardasil.

"Gardasil is possible the most dangerous vaccine on the market with the potential to injure, maim, or even kill the children who receive it." (http://vactruth.com/2012/01/25/gardasil-killing-us/)

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