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Self sabotage

Self-inflicted psy-ops: Are you a victim of your own 'false flag' operation?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013 by: Mike Bundrant
Tags: self sabotage, false flag, psy-op

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(NaturalNews) Most people live inside a web of emotional false flags intended to distract them from what is really going on in their lives.

As a result, they end up making misguided decisions and failing to understand their own motivation. They wonder, why am I not getting what I want in life? Why do I keep doing the same old thing that I hate myself for? Why do I lack discipline? What's wrong with me?

The bottom line is that people end up helpless and ignorantly passive in their own lives. The motivation for their moods and behaviors is outside of their awareness and therefore out of their control.

In the outside world, when a government orchestrates a false flag event, the intention is to overwhelm people and distract them from the real agenda. It's manipulation that creates a passive populace.

Of course, the people do not understand that they just gave their power to the very entity that planned and executed the problem in the first place. It is maddening.

Within individuals, a similar madness takes place. Here is how we make ourselves passive victims of our own psy-ops

It starts with the simple truth that practical life is pretty straightforward. You want to do something, do it. You want to stop doing something, stop. When you feel sad, cry. If you feel happy, smile. Want money? Work. Want love? Then love people.

And so on. Do stuff. Get results. Don't like the results? Do something else. Do you want an effect? Be a cause.

Most people are anything but simple and straightforward. They look more like:

Desire to lose weight. Eat cookies. Complain that you are fat.

Desperately need a job. Watch TV all day. Claim there are no jobs.

Look for a healthy, long-term relationship. Date another loser. Complain there are no good men out there.

Want a happy marriage. Dump all the domestic responsibility on your wife. Complain that she is a nag.

Want to be independent. Act like a child. Complain that people are always telling you what to do.

Want to be socially acceptable. Attend a party and talk to nobody. Claim that people do not like you.

Want to be wealthy. Spend 150% of your household income every year. Complain that you can never get ahead.

Want respectful children. Yell at them all day. Take very little interest in them. Complain at how disrespectful they are.

The above descriptions are straightforward, but the mind of the complainer is anything but straightforward

The cookie eater feels ashamed, but keeps eating.

The woman really resents those loser guys, but is wildly attracted to them nonetheless.

The guy watching TV all day is depressed, but keeps on watching.

The husband with the nagging wife is really frustrated with her, but keeps giving her plenty of reason to nag.

The would-be independent person really hates being controlled and even considers himself anti-authoritarian, but won't grow up and take responsibility for himself.

The standoffish person at the party is very anxious that she is being judged, but won't engage with people or attempt to make a good impression.

The financially strapped person detests his indulgent spending habits, but cannot resist shiny new objects.

The yelling parent is really angry with kids who yell and fight, but is teaching them to handle problems by yelling and fighting.

Nothing is what it appears to be...

Here is where we start to burst bubbles and cause problems with people who are snowed by modern mental health. You see, entire industries, institutions and family histories are organized around this phenomenon. People are incredibly invested in their own false flag orchestrations. ?

How do we know the above mentioned scenarios are really just individual psy-ops?

1. Things don't add up. You don't lose weight by eating cookies. You don't raise respectful kids by disrespecting them. You don't find a stable relationship by dating unstable people. So, something is definitely going on! Something is off.

2. People offer smokescreens, usually in the form of blame. You blame or shame yourself. You blame "men" or "women" or a "nag" or "the job market." You are blaming people who obviously do not merit the blame in this case. This is another suspicious sign.

3. When confronted, people in the above scenarios put up resistance. They get defensive. They make things seem more complicated than they need to be. They blow everything out of proportion. They think of more people to blame. They doubt your intentions for confronting them and find unrelated fault with you. They get confused, anxious, angry, or shut down entirely.

A false flag event is a hidden psychological orchestration. When you shine the light of truth, it loses all power. So, the power structure will do anything to avoid the light. People who act like they have something to hide, usually do, even if they are also hiding it from themselves.

Can you handle the truth? If so, you can free yourself

The truth begins in childhood, with the fact that children have no truth/falsehood filter. Therefore, they cannot resist falsehood. When you tell a child that the tooth fairy left the dollar under her pillow, she believes it. When you explain that Santa Claus brings presents, then Santa Claus obviously exists!

Parents support these myths by their actions, going to great lengths to create joy for their children. It's a harmless set up that works because children do not know truth from falsehood.

When the child finally sees the truth, she is "freed" from the myth and whole new, grown up world opens before her. Until then, she anticipates more mythic events in her life. She tries to avoid the naughty list, writes letters to Santa, sets out cookies on Christmas Eve, and so on.

When you tell a child she is bad, she believes that, too. If you reject a child, shame a child, neglect and deprive a child and tell her all manner of lies about herself, she will believe those lies, too. Of course, those lies are not harmless, but they are just as effective and much more enduring than the Santa Claus myth.

Again, the truth is straightforward. We anticipate the truth we learned as children. If we were shamed, we become fixated on shameful things. If we were rejected, we learn to behave in ways that encourage rejection. If we were deprived, then "that empty feeling" is what we learn to call home. If we were treated as if we were unlovable, we will seek relationships with people who do not love us, creating a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Yes, we unwittingly set ourselves up to live out the "truth" we learned as children, even when that "truth" is a lie

To confirm that people gravitate toward negative results, look around. Look at the lifestyle diseases, addictions, divorces, depression, anxiety, and general malaise of the population. Then, look into how much of the problems are matters of poor behavioral choices. Finally, observe how people make excuses for their own bad behavior and resist all attempts to resolve them, as if they were attached to a negative outcome.

Unlike the harmless Santa myth, society has not provided a way out of emotionally damaging falsehoods we learned as children

In fact, the opposite is true. Society encourages us to HIDE THE TRUTH

And we are masters at hiding it. How do you keep yourself from realizing that you are actually anticipating and seeking out shame, rejection, deprivation and so forth? Enter the psy-ops specialist (your unconscious mind) to orchestrate some irresistible false flag phenomena to make you think it is really about something else, such as:

The luscious cookie that "no one" could possibly refuse.

The charming charismatic dude that is so exciting that you "cannot help but" be attracted to him (and perhaps convince yourself that you can change him).

The "totally impossible" job market that is not worth your effort.

The horrible nag of a woman that needs to learn to be nice if she wants help.

The out-of-control kids that "only get in line when you scream at them."

And so on...

If we look at the truth:

The cookie is a sugar bomb headed straight for your hips.

The charismatic dude will end up on your couch, jobless and playing video games.

The "totally impossible" job market is not impossible at all. It may require much more effort, but that actually gives motivated people an advantage.

The "horrible nag" is your overburdened wife whom you loved and made promises to help.

We justify seeking negative outcomes by way of self-deception, denial or irresistible, false flag psy-events that make us passive victims of some external force.

We are passive to the mentally or emotionally exaggerated force of the yummy cookie, the charismatic dude, the impossible job market, the horrible nag.....

Of course, we are not passive. The truth is, we (unwittingly) set ourselves up for these failures. We don't necessarily see it clearly. This is why mental health education is so important.

Isn't this exciting stuff?

Much better than, "Well, it appears as if you have five of the nine symptoms of major depressive disorder, so I will go ahead and prescribe blah, blah, blah..."

Real mental health is actually interesting, challenging and worth pursuing. This article scratches the surface of the mental matrix most of us live in. I hope it raises more questions in your mind.

For more information on this topic and to learn how to recognize the true cause of self-sabotage, watch this free video.

About the author:
Watch the free video The AHA! Process: An End to Self-Sabotage and discover the lost keys to personal transformation and emotional well-being that have been suppressed by mainstream mental health for decades.

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Mike Bundrant is co-founder of the iNLP Center and host of Mental Health Exposed, a Natural News Radio program.

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