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Beat IBS naturally with acupuncture

Saturday, December 08, 2012 by: PF Louis
Tags: IBS, acupuncture, natural remedies

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(NaturalNews) A recent study by the University of York Department of Health Studies in the UK showed positive results on IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) using acupuncture.

The study's report has the usual pandering that relegates anything "alternative as supportive to standard medicine." But there were some interesting results from the study.

The trial used 233 long-term IBS sufferers, average duration 13 years, whose symptom severity scores (SSS) were 100 or more. They were split into two treatment protocols. Half received standard medical care, and the other half standard care plus one weekly acupuncture session for 10 weeks. [1]

Those who received acupuncture showed greater reductions in their SSS scores, but more importantly, these improvements lasted through follow-up testing at three, six, nine, and 12 months after the treatments.

One question: Why did this report consider acupuncture a beneficial adjunct to standard treatments when the subjects had severe IBS for at least 13 years in a country that provides healthcare to all its citizens without out-of-pocket payments? Obviously, their "standard of care" didn't cut it.

That's not unusual for IBS victims everywhere who normally have to resort to coping with IBS by observing their diets to avoid triggering symptoms because mainstream medicine has little to offer. There are other acupuncture/IBS clinical studies available from source [2] below.

Observing someone's diet and handling stress with IBS is also recommended by Chinese doctors. But an American acupuncturist also claims strong results using acupuncture and Chinese herbs to harmonize liver and spleen chi for IBS sufferers. [3]

A simple summary explanation of acupuncture

It's difficult for most Westerners to understand Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It's especially difficult for trained Western practitioners to grasp the basics of this 5,000-year-old medical tradition. TCM and Ayurveda are based on similar paradigms that are completely different from Western medical constructs.

Even when TCM prescribes herbs, their diagnoses are made based on organ energy or chi functions, not biochemical or physical. Acupuncture is based on stimulating those chi energies to unblock them and channel their flows along well charted chi meridians.

Instead of lots of of blood tests, X-rays, and invasive biopsies, TCM practitioners are able to determine low, blocked, or excess chi and how it relates to your health by determining the quality of your pulse with their fingers.

Additionally, they take a long, hard look at your tongue and notice signs that are usually ignored while regarding your symptoms.

It's amazing how well they can read your symptoms from these procedures. They can even determine your health trend and consequences before western medicine's technology can. In other words, diagnosing at the subtle chi energy levels can identify a health problem before it becomes a full blown physical reality.

From that, an intervention of acupuncture treatments and herbs is prescribed. According to a Taiwanese acupuncturist in Los Angeles, that's one reason too many Chinese are turning to Western medicine. It takes several visits and weeks of herbs to realize a cure. But the results are actual improved health and often a cure.

The combined efforts of the Medical Mafia (AMA, FDA, Big Pharma) are effective at maintaining their toxic monopoly that creates more illness than it cures. And the insurance industry refuses to cover so called "alternative" health practices, even though they are all less costly.

Think about that. Irrational, or part of a planned collusion with Big Pharma and the AMA to maintain its medical monopoly? The quick fixes modern Chinese are seeking are temporary symptom relief at best. It's a con.

Patients feel some symptomatic relief and think they're cured while staying on a treadmill of sick care from the side effects of toxic pharmaceuticals, antibiotics, radiation from CT scans and X-Rays, and reactions from the toxic injections used for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

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