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Rebirthing Breathwork - An introduction

Saturday, November 03, 2012 by: Joe Jennings
Tags: rebirthing, breathwork, self-actualization

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(NaturalNews) Rebirthing Breathwork (RB) is a powerful tool for healing and self-actualization. This article will focus on the energy cycle, the main tool of RB as well as introducing some of the other tools that are used.

During a session of RB, the rebirthee lays down and begins to breathe in a powerful, active and connected, yet relaxed manner. In doing so, the rebirthee circulates, not only vast amounts of oxygen, but also huge amounts of energy (prana or chi). This has the effect of activating the whole system and giving it enough energy to process and let go of long held toxic material, both physiological and psychological. This is the start of the energy cycle. You can imagine the cycle as a bell curve, with the energy building up rapidly at first, then levelling off only to relax and release towards the end of the cycle. As this happens, many different sensations can occur, indeed it is different for every person but some general trends have been identified. At the end of each cycle, most people go into a deep state of peace and bliss

The energy cycle

It is important to note that the energy guides the session. It is far wiser than we are, knowing exactly what to do and when to do it. It always goes straight to the root of the issues and resolves them, releasing any physical symptoms that may be related. To this effect, the initial sessions are usually focused on the physical. Another way to look at this is that the energy starts with the denser layers, then works towards the more subtle ones. Some common symptoms during these sessions can be tingling and cramping of the extremities and sleepiness. Generally, these are related to subconscious resistances to change. It is also common to have sweating, in which stored toxins are released, or to release gaseous waste through the breath. Current and ex-smokers often notice that the whole room smells of smoke when this occurs.

Once this 'layer' has been worked through, the energy tends to focus on emotional issues. Common themes are the birth, operations, physical attacks, parental and childhood issues and other extreme physical or emotional events. RB recognizes 10 key areas of trauma; this study is known as spiritual psychology. Usually, these occur in our formative years, age newborn to seven years old. It has been shown that in these years we are operating mainly on theta brain waves. These correlate to hypnotic states where everything is absorbed and stored. It is how our patterns and beliefs about life are embedded, and how certain organizations manipulate children into loyal adults. During sessions, some people 'relive' these events in order to breath through and release them. Other times, these traumas are released without us being aware, until we realize we act and react differently in similar situations.

However, it is often not as clear cut as physical and psychological. We are integrated beings with every level affecting and representing the other. It is common that something emotional is released; causing physical healing or vice versa. That said, it is generally recognized that if you can heal something on an emotional/subconscious level, then it will be resolved for good and that if things are not healed on this level, then they will manifest as a physical symptom.

Other tools used by rebirthers

In RB, the breathing sessions are only the tip of the iceberg. They represent the element of air. Yet all of the elements can be effectively incorporated to increase the rate of healing, this is known as spiritual purification.

Rebirthers use and recommend tools for actively replacing or updating subconscious patters, such as affirmations, which are done in a very systematic, scientific way. There are also many other exercises and tools that can be used again; the "Manual for Rebirthers" is an excellent resource for this.


Fanny Van Laere and Leonard Orr - The Manual for Rebirthers
Thorwald Dethelefsen and Rudiger Dahlke - The Healing Power of Illness - understanding what your symptoms are telling you
Bruce Lipton - The Biology of Belief - unleashing the power of consciousness, matter and miracles

About the author:
Joe Jennings is an experienced Rebirthing Breathwork practitioner who was trained by the founder Leonard Orr and Fanny Van Laere.
He has written a small book about his first experiences with the breath as well as a number of articles which have been published in various magazines.
He is currently the co-ordinator of Rebirthing Breathwork International in the UK and a committee member of the British Rebirthing Society.
He has begun a large scale study into the physiological and psychological effects of Rebirthing Breathwork.
He gives private sessions and teaches in the UK.
For more information please visit www.RebirthingInternational.co.uk

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